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Rock Hero: The Kennedys - March 2009
By Rock Church

Scott and Debbie Kennedy serve up a lot more than just chips and soda. For several years, the Kennedys have turned catering into a family affair.

If you visit the third floor, in the area near the Junior High room, you have probably seen Scott and Debbie. At the snack shack, they are serving more than just food. They are serving up the Gospel in true Christian spirit. Teens and their families heading to service upstairs are greeted with a warm and welcoming smile.

Scott and Debbie got involved with the Junior High Ministry when they saw the need to feed young people physically and spiritually. Debbie wanted to use her catering background to help others. Their daughters, Nikki and Danielle and several family friends have also answered the challenge.

The Kennedys have turned the snack shack into their second home. Scott and Debbie use the area to connect with students and their parents. Whether it’s a word of encouragement, a hug, or serving a snack, Scott and Debbie use every opportunity to faithfully minister and ensure that the snack shack feels like a home.

Pastor Dru Teves shares, “The Kennedys are a model family to me. Not only do Scott and Debbie love their daughters, they also show care and love to so many other students.”

In addition to serving on Sundays, Scott and Debbie load up their car with junior High students every Wednesday night. The family tries very hard to bring non-believers to the church. They have found that when a teen dedicates his or her life to Christ, the positive impact is felt by the entire family.

The Kennedys also open their home to others in need. Over the years, they have taken in at least a dozen students from other countries. These students are from as far away as Brazil, Japan, Saudia Arabia, and France.

Regardless of the situation, they are faithful to serve. They have even served while on crutches and wheelchairs.

In a world characterized by, “living in the moment,” the Kennedys demonstrate commitment to students and their families. Regardless of the situation, they are faithful to serve. They have even served while on crutches and wheelchairs. The Kennedys have proven that they are there to help whenever and wherever they are needed.

Scott and Debbie Kennedy, March's Rock Heroes, doing their part to bring families to Jesus Christ through sustenance for their hearts and soul.

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