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Rock Hero: Lisa Walker - February 2009
By Rock Church

No doubt you've seen Lisa Walker front and center .. enthusiastically volunteering at many Rock events.

She has been an integral part of the Jamaica crusade, Toys for Joy and events as far back as the Miles Ahead crusade in Canada. She serves with heart and personality plus.

Lisa is a social worker with a heart for children in need. When she came to the Rock, Lisa said she saw a big church with lots of people full of love to pour out...she knew there were kids who needed love... and that's how "Step Up" ministries was born.

Step Up Ministries pairs adult mentors with children in the foster care system. Children in foster care system have been taken from their homes by the County... sometimes because of parental abuse or neglect. Away from their mothers and fathers, these children lack consistency in their lives.

Foster parents and social workers may come and go. But a mentor can be someone who will always be there. Statistics show that when a foster child has a mentor, their grades are higher and they are less likely to get into trouble. Lisa says mentors change lives.

Lisa experienced the foster care system at a young age. She lived in different foster homes before the age of 4 when she was adopted. At the age of 29, she dedicated her life to God and says her life changed. God removed the deep sadness and loneliness that was in her heart. She believes she needs to give back-- so she has dedicated her life to keeping kids safe.

A member of the Rock family with a heart to change lives -- one child at a time.
Congratulations Lisa Walker, our Rock Hero for February 2009.

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