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Rock Hero: Mike & Diane Marrero - July 2013
By Rock Church

What kind of people willingly get out of bed at 3:30 in the morning just to stand in a street and help thousands of people park their car—with smiles on their faces, no less?

Rain or shine, for all Rock services and Rock events, Mike and Diane Marrero happily spread the joy of Christ as they perform the difficult task of getting a lot of harried people to their parking space and then safely to the Rock Church building. It is no easy feat, but then again, Mike and Diane are not your average church-attendees. Watch the video above and find out what motivates their extraordinary acts of service.

««In addition to the Parking Ministry, Mike and Diane have served at Rock Your City Events and Rock Kids.»»

Congratulations, Mike & Diane Marrero, Rock Heroes June 2013

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