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Rock Hero: Tamia Gordon - May 2012
By Dave Franco

Tamia Gordon had only been at the Rock for two months when she felt a tugging to get involved.

“You’re a great mom,” her husband said. “You should help with the kids.”

As a mother of five, she agreed that Pebbles was the logical place. But somehow it just didn’t seem like a fit. Walking toward their car, she saw a man directing traffic for the Rock who kidding around with church-goers and making it all seem like a lot of fun.

Suddenly, Tamia, saw her future.

She signed up and dove into the traffic ministry. It has become one of the greatest joys in her life.

She has quickly implemented her own sense of fun, wearing different outfits for different holidays, playing with the kids and sharing her smile and good natured way with everyone whom she comes in contact.

But when she saw the effect she was having—she knew that something far deeper was going on.

“When I direct traffic,” says Tamia, “I am preparing people to experience God when they get into the church. The better their experience outside the church, the better their experience inside the church.”

But it is no easy fete. Tensions run high with people coming to church, or the residents of Liberty Station, or the businesses of Liberty station or the people who are trying to shop.

“It’s an exercise in holding your tongue and speaking the love of Christ,” she says. “We are ambassadors for the Rock and the love of Jesus.”

Tamia has found herself breaking up fights, caring for the homeless, giving food to the needy and praying with folks who were in desperate need of the Lord’s touch.

One woman came to her in tears because she had no money for gas to be able to get her family home from church. “Your tank is full now,” Tamia told her, and then took her to a station to fill up her car.

In addition, seeing Trader Joe’s shoppers and the employees who gather shopping carts—as priorities has done wonders in keeping that critical relationship healthy. It has helped Trader Joe’s to know the Rock has their best interest at heart.

“It is an enormous blessing to me to be able to serve God in this way. I carry with me great joy that as I direct traffic, I am being used to touch so many people,” says Tamia.

Congratulations Tamia Gordon, Rock Hero for May, 2012