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Rock Hero: Terry and Arlene Martinez - September 2012
By Dave Franco

When Terry and Arlene Martinez attended their first Rock Church service on Easter 2010, Terry was out of work, Arlene was on disability and she had just been diagnosed with OCD. They had individually been battling strong feelings of emptiness for many years.

The message reached deep inside Terry and Arlene and when an altar call was given, they both stood and looked at each other as if to say, “You too?”

They both jumped into volunteer service at the Rock knowing that serving God by serving others was their chance at the significant life they had always wanted. They served at Barrio Logan, Toys for Joy, Rock Your City and manned the phones for Pervasive Hope. Terry signed up for the Security Ministry and Arlene for Hospitality.

They routinely offer entire weekdays, 8 to 5, to serving in North County. Plus, their Sunday service includes hospitality, security, the Follow Up ministry, and even offering. The day starts at 8AM and goes until 8PM, spanning both the North County and Point Loma campuses.

Terry leads a community group for Men of the Rock and Arlene does the same for Women of the Rock. And if that isn’t enough, they are both in training to be marriage coaches!

Meanwhile, God has replaced all worry over their financial woes with great joy and has provided for them in miraculous ways. They have never felt so at peace and secure in their life.

Congratulations, Terry and Arlene Martinez, Rock Heroes September 2012.