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Rock Hero: Corbett and Susan Stone - June 2014
By Rock Church

When Susan walked into the altar call meeting to volunteer, her husband, Corbett followed along, even though he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about it. What they didn’t know is that they were walking into a new life and purpose.

They found they were being changed by the opportunity to step into someone’s life and lead them to Christ. They fit into the roles so effectively and seamlessly, that suddenly they seemed like the obvious choice to step into the leadership of the ministry. And so they did. But they weren’t done.

They joined the Pastoral Support Team and soon became leaders there as well. Then, they became LIFE Group leaders.

“We learned that God worked in our lives to bring us closer together,” says Susan. “We feel like our lives are so much richer because of the work we do serving others everyday.”

Both in leadership roles in their respective jobs, they bring management skills to their groups, but their brand of leadership is a bit different.

“Corbett and Susan have taken leadership to a whole new level,” says Sarah Moesta, LIFE Group Administrator, “because they are so compassionate and personal about what they do. The teams not only feel led, but also completely emotionally supported by this loving, wise couple who are there for them in every way.”

Congratulations Corbett and Susan Stone, Rock Heroes for June 2014.

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