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Rock MD Medical Ministry
By Darnell Carter

The passing away of Marlene’s husband made such a change in her life. She was so occupied with the loss of the love of her life—who also happened to be her best friend in the world. The loss was still fresh in her heart the day Marlene called to schedule an appointment with her cancer specialist. Marlene suffered from cancer.

The management of this cancer required trice monthly treatments. She had just received a cancer treatment, later that week she called to schedule her next appointment… Only, the day that she called to schedule her next appointment, no treatment could be scheduled. The receptionist informed her that she was no longer insured and was no longer eligible to receive treatment at their facility. She was further informed, that the government funded insurance that she received under her husband did not continue to cover the spouse once the primary beneficiary became diseased.

Cancer treatment without insurance is virtually unaffordable for the average person and Marlene was no exception. Fortunately, Marlene regularly attends the Rock Church. She was put in contact with the Rock MD ministry team. They told Marlene that “with God anything is possible.”

A Rock MD team member with knowledge of the Veterans Insurance and Medicare helped her with her with her needs.

A Rock MD team member with knowledge of the Veterans Insurance and Medicare helped her with her with her needs. After speaking with Marlene’s oncologist, cancer specialist, and primary care physician; Marlene’s appointments were made!

Marlene is now insured and has the assurance that she can receive the treatment she needs to win her battle with cancer.

The Rock Church's First Health Fair

The Rock Church's first health fair was sponsored by the Rock MD Medical Ministry, the Diabetes Ministry, and the Blood Drive Ministry. They brought together representatives from Sharp Healthcare to perform cholesterol, glucose, body mass index, height, weight, and blood pressure tests--with a health coach reviewing the results one-on-one.

An Ask the Doctor booth was available for those interested in meeting one-on-one with a doctor or nurse. Representatives from over 30 medical organizations were in attendance to provide resources and information about a wide variety of medical conditions. There were also fitness consultants, nutritionist, pharmacists, and several other health fields represented!

About Rock MD Medical Ministry

Rock MD Medical Ministry consists of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, therapists, physician assistants, dentists, insurance specialists, fitness consultants, nutritionists, and many other medical and nonmedical volunteers. In a recent Rock MD meeting, ministry leader Lynda Clerke discussed the following goals of the ministry:

  • to help educate the community by offering monthly health seminars and classes
  • to provide support groups for caregivers and medical professionals
  • to help people in need of assistance find resources available
  • to continue to offer healing and hope through their Prayer Team
  • to partner with local free clinics to help with their staffing needs
  • to focus on health prevention by offering healthcare events for community and church members-which includes many different types of free screenings

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