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Serving the Unemployed: The Rock Work Ministry
By Sandra Foreman

Out of work? Looking to fill a job opening in your business? Know of anyone hiring? Ever thought of mentoring others looking for a different line of work?

Try the Work Ministry.

The purpose of the ministry is to serve others looking for jobs.

“It’s vital to empower others to use their God-given spiritual gifts and talents by serving others through their work,” said Paige Cohen, ministry leader of the Work Ministry. “God planted this idea in my heart. It’s an absolute heart issue,” she said. “We’ve got to go beyond the four walls of the Church.”

“We encourage everyone to come with an attitude to serve, asking each other, ‘What can I do for you, or how can I best serve you?’”

“We encourage everyone to come with an attitude to serve, asking each other, ‘What can I do for you, or how can I best serve you?’” Paige said, adding, “We (also)want to capitalize on evangelizing out in the community.”

Career Transition Course

After the New Year, the Work Ministry will offer a four-part course on “Career Transition” through the Rock University. This course will offer job readiness skills, focusing on resume writing, interviewing techniques, using the internet to shop for job leads as well as the art and etiquette of networking. The course will be scheduled for four weeks and will last for two hours each.

Other future plans include establishing a mentoring program for people who are considering career changes, or with someone just out of school. Those looking for mentors in a particular field would be paired with those who have already been established in that field; people who are willing to share their wisdom and experience. For example, perhaps someone just entering the medical profession can be paired with doctors already established in their field. Those mentors can serve others by showing them the best way to get a job and map out the steps they need to be more effective.

“We also want to expand the Job Opportunities page on the Rock’s website,” Paige added. “We want to expand it to a career database, where employers can post jobs, and people can find jobs. But it will take additional funds to do this.”

Job Seekers Prayed For

The employers who attended the Job Fair had no idea there would be such an overwhelming response. It was opened not only to the Rock, but to the entire San Diego community. Meanwhile the Prayer Ministry, another ministry partner, approached jobseekers in line, spoke with them, ministered to them and prayed for those who desired prayer. “That was an unexpected pleasant twist at the job fair,” Paige added.  

There were several stories that came out of that day. One involved a group of women who piled out of a van from an alcoholic rehabilitation center. Although the Job Fair started at 5:00 pm, these women showed up at 2:00 pm, dressed to impress, and actually served at the event, helping set up tables, chairs and signs.

Another story involved a group of men from a prison rehabilitation center. They were able to get clothes from the SHARE ministry, who provided professional attire; such as free suits. “They came down looking totally sharp, ready to interview for jobs. It ended up to be more of an evangelistic outreach event,” Paige said.

“Someone called me and said she needed a job. She was part of JC’s Girls. She was in a line of work she knew was not for her. I asked her to go online and take the Spiritual Gifts test. I asked her to be realistic of the present employment outlook. I am continuing to work with her on an ongoing basis. As I said before, we do know who is hiring in the Church. We want to encourage people like this who have decided to get out of this line of work, to go out and find something different. We need to encourage and empower them now,” Paige continued.

If anyone is in need of a job, resumes can be uploaded on the Work Ministry page. Perhaps you own or know companies who are hiring, or you would like to volunteer and minister to people looking for work. Or perhaps you can donate a few funds that can be used to develop a more extensive career database. Contact the Work Ministry.

Forms are available to download for job seekers, employers and volunteers on the Work Ministry page.

DO SOMETHING! Join the Work Ministry. Email them at [email protected]
Sandra Foreman is a volunteer writer with Rock the Word: The Rock Church Writers Ministry.

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