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Meet the Rock Academy's Head Football Coach - Scotty James

by Dave Franco | February 8, 2013

Where are you from?
Born in Queens, NY, raised in Riverside County.

What drew you to sports?
Competition. I love two teams, from different cities, going and working out, practicing, etc. and on game day, seeing who’s who.

Of all your sports accomplishments, which is the first to come to mind?
Earning a football scholarship at San Diego State. I had other offers to play at other schools, but SDSU was the place I wanted to go, so I walked on, worked my way up the ladder, became a starter, and earned my scholarship the hard way. Very gratifying.

The guy who hit you the hardest—what did it feel like?
We had punted to BYU. The lead blocker for the guy with the ball came down the field untouched. I ran down the field untouched. We were both going at full speed when we hit. The only thing I remember is the grass moving in front of my mask as I crawled off the field.

What’s the toughest thing a coach ever made you do?
Sit and wait for my opportunity, even when I may have felt like I was better than the guy in front of me. Nothing tougher than that.

What is the best thing that you learned from a coach?
Don’t try to be better than someone else, but never cease trying to be the best you can be. – John Wooden

How do you hope your guys remember you?
As a God-honoring husband and father. That, not football, is most important to me.


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