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God's Secret Weapon
By Christina Paiva

“Who likes to sing?” Ask a room of adults, and you’ll receive blank stares and a few tentative hands raised. But ask a room of young children, and every hand shoots up and trembles with excitement. They can’t wait to sing you their favorite melodies, usually at the top of their lungs!

Kids are free from the limitations like, “I can’t” and “I shouldn’t.” Present a new song to a child, and he sings! Show her a summersault, and she’s trying out headstands on your couch (No? Is that just my kid?). Introduce him to Jesus, and he clings to his beloved Savior and Friend like a worn teddy bear. Model for her how to pray in faith, and she’s moving mountains with the simplest vocabulary. Instill in them the urgency to share the Gospel, and you’ve got little evangelists inviting teachers, baristas, and neighbors into God’s family!

Kids are God’s secret weapon. He knows what they are capable of in their child-like faith. The devil would love for us to expect very little from them. If he can at least lead us to believe that kids can’t contribute anything of kingdom worth just yet, that they couldn't possibly change the trajectory of an entire generation, then he can render them ineffective by preventing others from discipling them. The devil doesn’t want to fight against kids, he wants to take them out of the fight completely.

As we gear up to launch our fifth campus in City Heights, we are raising up an army of adults and kids to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that in the homes of our Rock Kids families, on every single Rock Church campus, we are fighting for our children instead of leaving them in neutral. The devil doesn’t waste any time pursuing them, so why should we? As we learned in Pastor Miles’ series “Fight Club,” we’ve got to fight to reclaim the promises that God has for us – and our children.

POSTSCRIPT: Christina Paiva is Rock Church's new City Heights Campus Kids Director. Our new campus, due to launch this fall, is excited about loving everyone God will entrust to them, including the children of City Heights. Christina has two children of her own, and is married to Aaron, who is also on staff at Rock Church as a Technical Director.

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