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Sex, Lies and God's Unfailing Love
By Storytelling Team Member

"Three years ago, my 7-year-old brother told me that if I went to church it would make God smile," remembers Mary.

Being very close with her brother, Mary went to church to make him happy. At that time Mary (not her real name) owned an escort service and danced at strip clubs all over the country. "I loved school but dropped out at 19, allowing Satan to deceive me into believing that my own pleasures and lusts were more important than my education. I felt that because I was a good person and took care of my family financially, I would not be condemned to hell. I grew up seeing that lifestyle as normal. My mother was involved in the industry and my father was her pimp. I did not know that God loved me, or that He even saw me."

I did not know that God loved me, or that He even saw me.

At her brother's 7th birthday party, Mary met Theresa Scher. "She saw how conflicted my heart was. I did not know what love really was, because I did not know God's love. She told my mom that they had to help me. She knew that I needed help, but up until that point, she was not sure how to address the situation. I had anger in my heart and she was scared to ignite my fury. She just prayed for me, a lot."

Theresa had once been an escort like Mary. God called Theresa out of the adult entertainment industry and she started JC's Girls, a Rock Church ministry that reaches out to women like Mary. JC's Girls reaches out to these women by going into San Diego strip clubs and giving pink Bibles and gift bags to the girls working there. Theresa's life touched Mary, "The light that poured out of her was so powerful, it gave me hope...She never judged me or condemned me, she just loved me, supported me and prayed for me. She knew that God would deliver me in His perfect timing."

She never judged me or condemned me, she just loved me, supported me and prayed for me. She knew that God would deliver me in His perfect timing.

Mary began attending the Rock Church and Theresa became her accountability partner. "It was the first time that anyone ever held me accountable for my actions. She was the only Christian that I felt comfortable sharing the details of my life with," recalls Mary. Mary soon left the adult entertainment industry and the man she had been with for the past five years. "God encouraged me to get out of the lifestyle. He gave me His wants and I no longer lusted for things," says Mary.

She had bought a home for the man she had been with and once their relationship ended they tried to sell the home, but were not successful. "I thought that it was going to be foreclosed on by the bank. God blessed me with the ability to live in this home without paying mortgage for a year and a half. This was my biggest bill. Not having to pay it was my ticket out of the industry." God also delivered Mary from her addiction to marijuana.

Mary recently started a financial services company. "God has restored me to be the person that He intended me to be. I have grown so much spiritually throughout this journey, and have learned to put all of my trust and faith in God...He prunes me through my struggles and shows me the consequences of sin." Mary feels that all of her experiences make it easier for her to relate to other women in similar situations. "I am able to relate to people who are seeking God and are not quite sure where to find Him. I have learned to let Him carry my burdens. I feel this peace in my heart that I have never felt." Mary's dad is now saved and growing in his relationship with God.

Mary continues to pray for her loved ones to be transformed like she was, "To go from the extremely dark person that I was, to being so extreme for God's light is an amazing testimony to His grace and mercy."

Mary plans to dedicate the next five months to grow in her relationship with God. She will be attending the Horizon School of Evangelism. She plans to use her experiences to help women in the adult entertainment industry and keep teens from entering the industry. "I used to feel like I was in control of my life because I could rely on myself," remembers Mary. "But I have learned that it means so much more to rely on God. His best for me is so much better than my best."

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