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Interview with Life Pastor, Shawn Wagner
By Dave Franco

You had an idea for something 17 years ago that may soon become a reality. What was it?
As a former gangbanger, I used to have low rider cars. When I became a Christian, I suddenly got this vision for how I could share the Gospel in the neighborhoods where gangs run. I was going to build a low rider that told the Gospel.

How does it work?
I’m about to finish creating a ’63 Impala that with paint, sound effects, lights, and hydraulics, will lead people through the crucifixion of Christ. For example, Jesus’ face will be on the hood, His shoulders will drape across the fenders with His arms and hands painted across the doors. When the narrator reads the Scripture that says that the Romans stretched His hands out to nail them to the cross, the doors will separate outwardly from the body and a painful stretching sound effect will be heard. When they hammer the nails, a pounding sound effect will ring out. When they push the crown of the thorns into His head, the car will shake and lay down.

Has anything like this ever existed before?
No. This will be the first of its kind.

And because of that, you feel confident that crowds will gather?
Are you kidding? If you drive a somewhat nice low rider into one of those neighborhoods, people come out of their houses just to look at the paint. Wait till this pristinely painted Impala gets tortured, bleeds, dies and resurrects. It’s going to attract throngs of people—and many of them will never be the same.

What are your plans for it?
It will be transported around in its own trailer and then set free to roam the neighborhoods. There are gangs in every state. Our plan right now is to ultimately take it all around the country. It will be the highest profile low rider in the world.

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