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Calling All Ladies: Sisters in Christ Ministry
By Jenny Huffsmith

As women of God we are called to a high standard. We are the bearers of children and submissive wives to husbands who manage our homes. The Lord calls us to be moral and trustworthy.

We are to seek God with all of our hearts while earnestly praying for the wisdom and self-control to live righteous lives. We all need wise counsel and encouragement in this so that our lives more closely identify with God's plan. Titus 2:3-5

The Start of Something Big

The Sisters in Christ Ministry bring women together to encourage each other
The Sisters in Christ Ministry bring women together to encourage each other

Ten months ago Teresa Holderby and Karen Stevens began to pray. God had put the women of the Rock on their hearts and they felt, with their experience and maturity as women, that it was their job to answer the Lord's calling.

"The church is made up of approximately 68% women," states Karen, "there are so many women desiring relationships and needing mentoring that we want to meet that need."

In November, as a response to abundant prayer and obedience to the Lord, a door was opened for Ms. Stevens and Ms. Holderby to meet with pastors of the church. In their meeting with Pastor Miles, Teresa and Karen were asked to step up and invest their time, bringing to life the vision for the Sisters in Christ Ministry that God had given them.

The Ministry Begins to Grow

In starting the ministry, Teresa and Karen knew they would need a team of strong leaders. "We mainly have sought older women to work with us, however, we do have single mothers, divorced women, and we have women whose husbands are not Christian."

Karen says, "We are trying to get a representation of all different walks of life. We want this whole ministry to be bathed in prayer and we are very carefully seeking God."

Overcoming Setbacks

When asked about what setbacks have occurred while the ministry has been in preparation, Karen affirmed that Satan has been trying to use various roadblocks as a discouragement.

"When facing the obstacles, it reminded us of Ephesians 6:12: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of the age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness…" She adds, "If God was not going to create something amazing out of this ministry, then Satan would not even be concerned."

Launching Sisters in Christ

The ladies at the Rock definitely know how to have a good time
The ladies at the Rock definitely know how to have a good time

With endless prayer and preparation, the Sisters in Christ Ministry (one part of the Women's Ministry) had their first worship service, testimony, and set of classes on Monday January 12, 2004.

The goal of the Sisters in Christ Ministry is found in the acronym "Sisters" which stands for "Spirit-led, Instruction, Sharing, Teaching, Encouraging for Reverent, Submission to God". The Sisters in Christ Ministry provides weekly opportunities for Bible study, fellowship and accountability.

The ministry aims to equip women by offering practical six-week living classes such as financing, budgeting, cooking, sewing, etc as well as courses designed to train up godly women including sessions on dating and marriage relationships.

"I see women out there that are hurting so badly." Karen's concern is obvious with this statement: "I see so many women that are overwhelmed with life. Our main goal is to bring women to maturity in Christ. We want to provide a safe place where they are encouraged in the Lord."

Getting Plugged In

If you would like to get involved in the Sisters in Christ Ministry, the current six-week series continues for two more weeks. The ministry currently meets at Calvary Baptist Church, 6866 Linda Vista Rd, on Monday evenings, from 6:30-8:30 PM.

Keep an eye out on the website and Sunday bulletin for information about upcoming opportunities from the Sisters in Christ Ministry and Women's Ministry.

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