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How Do You $pend Christmas?
By Rock Church

A Really Great Christmas Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Christmas isn't about spending lots of money
Christmas isn't about spending lots of money

Most people think of Christmas as a time to give and receive gifts, without realizing the true Gift that Christmas really is! We all want to celebrate this special time of year with family, friends, food and fun.

There are many things we can do that show our love for each other - regardless of our financial situation. In fact, many holidays have been made more special when the gifts and traditions are spiritual, from the heart, and require little more than our most precious resource - our time.

I'll Be Home for Christmas… Maybe

For those families that are "spread out" and cannot afford to gather together, remember what Jesus said:

Where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.
Matthew 18:20

Ideas for spending Christmas together include:

  • Decide on a specific time to make a phone call to loved ones who can't be with the rest of the family.
  • Create a family prayer that each member can say at a predetermined time, perhaps before the holiday meal. The prayers of the saints are as incense to God.
  • Make it a tradition for every family member to have a special candle. Plan to light the candles at the same time every year - whether you are together or not.

If You Can't Be With the One You Love, Honey, Love the One You're With!

Hopefully, there are at least a few people from every family living in the same place. If you find yourself in a city away from loved ones, find some members of your extended family - the church.

Christ never intended for you to be alone, especially in celebration of His birth, so come to His party! Where is it? Well, everywhere, of course. Seek and ye shall find…Go to the Rock…We are Family!!! You found us, didn't you?

All I Want for Christmas is…

Instead of making Christmas expensive, make it memorable. Instead of the latest trend, make it personal. Instead of credit-bought, make it love-bought.

There are many ways to tell someone you love them that don't really cost much at all. Here are a couple:

Sometimes all a gift needs is a little tender love and care
Sometimes all a gift needs is a little tender love and care
  • Making personal Christmas cards is easy, cheap, and a lot of fun (even for grown-ups)! Write what you want to say, then draw or cut out and paste pictures. Better yet, create personal Christmas cards that say what God says.
  • Make individualized prayers and/or blessings for the recipients. Include a special bible verse that fits that particular person's life or perhaps a circumstance that you know is going on in their life. What could be more of a gift than God's Word?

Some Valuable Resources

For the computer-savvy, there are great, free art sites that you can copy stuff from. A couple of these include and

For crafts, ornaments and other decorations, is a good source for all ages (and all abilities!). For kid-friendly ideas, try Don't forget to give back to these free sites. If you have an original idea, or an improvement to one already listed there, share it!

Remember to Be a Good Steward

The Rock 2004 desktop calendars make great gifts
The Rock 2004 desktop calendars make great gifts

Finally, if you are financially blessed, and want to do something meaningful, you can always find ways to make giving to charity more personal. At the Rock, you can donate to the np3 project (maybe buy a brick in someone else's name?), or give to the "Toys for Joy" Christmas outreach.

Maybe somebody on your list would enjoy something from the Rockpile Store. This way you could bless that person and support the ministry at the same time. A great item to look into is the new Rock 2004 desktop calendars created by the photo ministry.

If you give of yourself as well as your money, you will often find that you have received something worth more than anything money can buy - a heart full of love.