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Stay in the Game - Lisa's Story
By Laverne Ung

Lisa Naumu grew up with a tennis racket in her hand. From hitting balls against the playground backboard to intense competition with the best in the nation, Lisa met each challenger with the same zeal and passion for the game she was born to play.

Each game required knowing her opponent, observing their strategy to identify their strengths, and attack their weakness because to get the prize, one must first win the game. Winning is about being consistent, committed and focused.

While Lisa’s game strategy proved well in competition, the rest of her life fell apart; particularly in the arena of relationships. Divorce was the new competitor, who showed up on her court one day. Divorce takes only victims and rejoices by devastating everyone in its path. Here stood a looming opponent, without feeling; its goal to intimidate, kill and destroy. Like a grand slam tennis ball, fear shattered Lisa's foundations and buried her in a world of numbness. Terror set in when she thought she might even lose custody of her son.

Lost in a maze without meaning and no where to turn, Lisa was drawn to a nearby church. There, she found the warmth of kind words, welcoming hearts and listening ears. Here was the Jesus she remembered as a child. In order to fill the emptiness and begin the healing process, Lisa needed to take a few lessons in relationships. Starting with a new foundation and rededicating her life to Christ brought new life, new friends and shortly thereafter, a call to lead a new ministry.

Tennis was the game she knew. She started by meeting a need at the church and she jumped in with her whole heart. Lisa’s new strategy: lead by example to teach others not just tennis drills, but life lessons concerning winning, losing, meeting challenges and not giving up even when the scoreboard is not in your favor. And when you imagine standing alone on the court facing an opponent that seems ominous and threatening, remember always that Jesus promises to show up and cheer for you. There will always be victory in Him.

Lisa is currently training for the upcoming National Tennis Invitational in Las Vegas, early November 2011. She is set to compete in Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. The tennis team won the 4.5 WTT (World Team Tennis Nationals) in Palm Desert.

You will find Lisa on the courts in La Jolla teaching tennis to pre-teens and adults on Sundays at 3pm.

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