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The Heat Is On
By Rock Church
During summer, Antarctica averages about 50º F
During summer, Antarctica averages about 50º F

Summer is most commonly known for being the warmest part of the year, but as I found out when my ice cream truck business went bankrupt, summertime is extremely frigid in Antarctica. But just as the researches there are used to the cold, (and don't buy ice cream!) so are most of us used to being relaxed in the summertime.

From vacations to barbecues to cutting ourselves on the slip n slide, summer is a time for fun. Growing up we learn to work hard all year in school, and make the best of summer break…by sleeping all day and watching Mr. Belvedere all night. The Bible teaches differently - that is to work hard all year round.

A Season for Preaching

A Disney cartoon adapted from an Aesop Fable that has played in children's memories as they grow up is that of the ant and the grasshopper.

Lucky for the grasshopper he could play a mean fiddle
Lucky for the grasshopper he could play a mean fiddle

It is summertime, and while the grasshopper is being his 'happy go lucky' self and just relaxing in the sun, ants all around him are working there little thorax's off to gather food and store up for the cold winter ahead. The grasshopper scoffs at the dedicated ants and continues in his laid back lifestyle. When winter comes around, the grasshopper is poor, hungry, and extremely cold, (as if he lived in Antarctica) and seeks the mercy of the same ants he mocked just a few months back for their hard work. Fortunately they take him in and make sure he plays his tunes to keep them entertained. A tough lesson was learned, and yet, many of us seem to make the same mistakes.

Long before any fables by Aesop or Disney, God was telling people through His Word to Go to the ant you sluggard, consider its ways and be wise…it stores provisions in the summer. Proverbs 6:6-8 Continually throughout the Bible we are instructed to always give 100% and do everything unto the Lord.

So the summer should not be a time to take our school instituted "three months off to be lazy," but to make the most of our free time. Remember, there are only two times the Bible tells us we are to preach; In season and out of season. 2 Timothy 4:2

Summer 101

This is just a really nice picture
This is just a really nice picture

Despite conventional teaching, summer did not exist previous to August 1980. Though that may be true for myself, that statement is as foolish as claiming summers have been around for billions of years on a planet that happened by accident. Summer is mentioned 26 times in the Bible and its first mention is also a promise in Genesis 8:22 stating that as long as the earth is here, summer…will never cease.

Summer's numerous other mentions in the Bible are usually pertaining to the harvest time and gathering of crops. The word "somersault" also has a variation that I prefer to use in this season spelled "Summersault." How fitting.

New Years, Right around the Corner

Since half a year has already gone by since 2004 began, (and the amazingly impacting 2004: This is The Year article was posted on this website) how many 'resolutions' have you kept? More importantly, how much closer has your relationship gotten with God? Regardless of whether it has been the same or if you have radically changed your life, there are 6 months full of potential before 2005 begins.

Every day we live is a day closer to spending eternity with God, so whether it's in or out of season, the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are completely His. 2 Chronicles 16:9 As this summer season is just beginning, know that God has a plan for your life and it is more amazing then you can ever imagine. I personally feel that I am being called to the beach to write my next article. Amen.