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The Showing
By Dave Franco

Brandy Niles Glover was at her small community church on a bright, May Sunday morning in Oklahoma when a friend came up to her and urgently asked for a moment of her time.

“Sure, Kathryn,” Brandy replied. “What’s going on?”

“I have a message for you from God to give to Robert the next time you meet with him.”

Brandy looked at Kathryn for a moment and turned her head slightly, giving her an is-this-for-real look. “From God, huh?”

“I’m serious,” Kathryn replied. “God woke me up last night and gave me this message and told me to tell you and you were supposed to tell Robert.”

Seeing that she meant business, Brandy reciprocated the serious look and gave her full attention. “OK. What’s the message?”

“God said that our school district is going to have the opportunity to show the world that He is all-powerful and mighty.”

The two looked at each other for a moment.

“Alright, I’ll tell him.”

“What do you think that means?” Kathryn asked.

“I have no idea,” Brandy answered a little shocked. “Don’t you?”

Two weeks later, Brandy, a schoolteacher, was having lunch with Robert, the school superintendent. It was something they did a couple times a year to discuss school business and to pray for the kids. “Hey, you remember Kathryn Bradly?” Brandy asked.

“Yes, I do,” Robert replied. “How is she?”

“Well, she has a message for you. She said it was given to her from God in the middle of the night.”

“From God?” he said as he gave a chuckle and an incredulous look. “Well that can’t be good.”

“Well, I think it might be. She said that our school district is going to have the opportunity to show the world that God is all-powerful and mighty.”

“Well what does it mean?” Robert wanted to know.

“I don’t have a clue,” Brandy answered.

A week later, Brandy was again at church. The pastor spoke from the first chapter of Joshua, where God, after Moses’ death, encourages Joshua. “Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.”

It was May 20, EF5 tornado...dropped from the storm clouds above and clawed a swath of destruction a mile wide...

The next morning, inspired by the sermon, she copied Joshua 1:7-8 in an email and sent it to Robert to encourage him for his upcoming term as superintendent—especially now that Kathryn’s message from God had peaked their curiosity and concern. It was May 20, 2012. Just five hours later, an EF5 tornado moving at over 300 miles per hour dropped from the storm clouds above and clawed a swath of destruction a mile wide through the streets of Moore, Oklahoma.

The potential death toll was in the thousands, as in the tornado’s path were three schools from the Moore Unified School District—two elementary schools and one junior high school—and hundreds of homes making up several neighborhoods. The force of the winds, described as sounding like an earsplitting runaway train, obliterated everything it came in contact with, sending debris for miles. Moore had essentially been distributed to the surrounding towns.

And yet, for all the destruction that took place that day, with 2,500 students in the crosshairs of the tornado, just seven students died.

Was the number of spared lives in light of the one of the most powerful weather events ever recorded an example of God showing the world His power and might?

Was it the endless number of miracles that occurred that day, including the hundreds of junior high students that gathered in a metal building for protection—a building that couldn’t have offered safety from a tornado one-third the strength of the one that hit Moore—and all of them survived?

Was it the hundreds of newscasts and printed stories sent around the world that chronicled the events of May 20 where residents talked about the peace of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ?

Was it the thousands of acts of kindness from all around the nation that descended upon Moore? Were all these stories examples of God showing the world His power and might?

In the days that followed the catastrophe, Rock Kids Director Lynette Lynn and Rock Kids Assistant Director Stacy Moser gathered to determine what the Hope Project would be for the 2013 Camp Rock. God put it on their hearts to gather and send backpacks to the students of Moore. They wanted to provide one for each child that attended Plaza Towers Elementary, one of the schools demolished by the tornado. Four hundred forty kids were enrolled.

God revealed that He wanted "one person at a time in San Diego to bless one person at a time in Oklahoma"

In the beginning, they thought it would be helpful if a few big sponsors stepped forward to meet the needs. Yet God revealed that He wanted “one person at a time in San Diego to bless one person at a time in Oklahoma.” They never doubted that God would provide for the children, even though donations were coming in slower than they would have liked.

Lynette and Stacy continued to hope and pray that as they exposed the need to the kids, families and the Rock staff, that God would provide the 440 backpacks needed.

By July 29, 903 backpacks and school supplies had been collected and loaded onto a truck that Lynette and Stacy would drive and personally hand deliver to the people of Moore. Calling ahead to Brandy, they were told to expect 4-5 people to help unload the truck.

When they arrived at the local high school in Moore, a sea of people eager to help approached the truck. They were an awe of how far the ladies had driven in just two days, but more so of the amount of the supplies the children and families of the Rock had collected. Tears began to flow as the volunteers began to read the personal letters that the children had handwritten to the children in Moore.

Was this outpouring of love and generosity both at the Rock and in Moore a part of God using the Moore Unified School District to display that He is all-powerful and mighty? One thing for sure, when it comes to God displaying His power and might, He doesn’t need anything extraordinary. It seems that He is satisfied with individual showings of love—one person at a time.

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