The key to getting through your trial

by A Rock Stories Contributor | July 29, 2020

I am in a crisis right now, and my mind is spinning out. 

My brain and spirit are filled with so many things to keep in mind, from prayers to verses to wise counsel from friends, to tidbits of wisdom I have gleaned from devotions and encouragements from pastors I listen to online. I am trying to stay sane, trust, surrender, stand in victory, work, accept that God is in control, repent, and if I’m honest, I’m trying to find the right sun ray to stand under—the one with God’s blessing. 

My head is a whir of activity, and I’m sinking.

But the other day I went to an early morning Bible study and a man stood and said these words. 

“I have the key to your trial,” he said to the group of about 30 men. “Wake up. Look up Show up. And shut up.”

I suddenly sat forward in my chair. “Wake up in the morning, read God’s word, pray, go to work (even if it means working at getting work) and stop complaining, questioning, positioning, and trying to figure it all out. That’s it.”

And then he sat down. 

The simplicity of it slapped me into a moment of clarity. I guess I don’t have to have a Ph.D. in Christianity or come with charts and graphs or a 30-step program. I don’t have to keep 20 plates spinning in the air. The way through a trial is really quite simple. Seek God, and trust Him. 

Finally, I feel I can get through this.


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