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Interview with Tony Reid | Traffic and Community Relations Director
By Dave Franco

Are you married?
Yes, my wife’s name is Melinda and we have three kids Ariel (22), Aaron (20), and Alex (14).

I understand meeting your wife was bad for your career. How does that happen?
Well, for a time. At the company I used to work for, I started dating my wife, who at the time, worked in HR for the same company. Somehow after 21 years of service, I was laid off four months after we were married.

So does that mean they liked her more than they liked you?
That goes with out saying. She’s still there.

How did you get the post as Traffic and Community Relations Director for Rock Church?
I had my own hauling business and it was going fine until the economy tanked. I was volunteering in security for Rock Church and when an opening came up in Traffic Safety, I was recommended for it. It was really that simple. God is good.

What if anything has surprised you about it?
Well I thought it was going to be about traffic plans and recruiting volunteers and equipment, but it has been so much more fun than I ever would have thought. Our whole volunteer staff is about 110 people and almost half of us get together to eat or go to Starbucks, have game nights, bowling nights, play Ultimate Frisbee, and we even started a basketball team and won three championships. We have a great time. It’s quite a family. Often times, my volunteers come to me for help as they go through a tough time. So putting all those things together, that is why it didn’t take me long to figure out that this job had much more to do with the people than the nuts and bolts of parking.

Have you ever thought about how your ministry contributes to the overall Rock experience?
Well, I tell my volunteers we are three ministries in one: traffic safety, security, and hospitality. We really are responsible for making Rock Church’s first impression. That’s why we try to be positive and loving and make the effort to get across the love of God, even as we direct traffic. If we are abrupt and curt with people, they may not walk into the service feeling particularly ready to experience God. Our job is really important when you think of the spiritual implications.

So what is the hardest part of your job?
Holding my tongue. People get very expressive when you stop them at an intersection.

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