Right now counts forever. So do something.

by Dave Franco | March 17, 2011

DUH Recycling is an example of how God can take things of little value, and turn them into resources that save lives around the world.

By collecting bottles and cans brought in by the people of the Rock, DUH Recycling redeems them for money used to serve and save the lives of children in Africa and other third world countries.

Tara Paul, her husband and their kids launched DUH Recycling (Desperate, Underprivileged, Hungry) in 2008 and it was immediately clear that there was great potential to change lives. Along with the help of an amazing band of dedicated volunteers, the bottles and cans piled up quickly and so did the proceeds. In just two years’ time, they were raising enough money each month to support 100 children through the World Vision HopeChild program and it was a thrill to know that God had blessed their efforts to reach others.

In just two years’ time, they were raising enough money each month to support 100 children through the World Vision HopeChild program.

But God was far from finished.

DUH, 2.0

After two years of running DUH, God spoke to Tara in a vision, confirming that He was creatively directing the ministry. She needed to be obedient and to rely on Him completely. Soon she learned what the vision meant: God would be changing the trajectory of the ministry.

Tara had become comfortable with how the ministry was operating. She soon found out that God is rarely interested in comfortable.

It was clear that God wanted DUH to come alongside and support the Rock’s International efforts—through the support of sustainable “Dream Projects” initiated by graduates of the Impact 195 program. God had given Tara the blessing of a new outlet for the ministry—one where she knew and loved the people involved. Suddenly there was a direct connection to where all the money was going. And it felt great.

Says Tara, “It’s vitally important to our family that each person touched by these “Dream Projects” is also touched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Going through the Impact 195 program myself, I know, without a doubt, that the students are not only well-equipped to share the Word of God, but I know they will share it. The high-caliber of discipleship they go through demands it. The Gospel is the food by which they live.”

As the Rock Missions and Impact 195 started to grow internationally, DUH transitioned right alongside them. In September 2010, Tara went along with the Rock Outreach team to Guinea, Africa where $20,000 raised from recycling was used to start three schools and a library. “It’s just one example of how the Rock is reaching out to the World,” says Tara. “These schools have the potential of reaching and educating over 1,000 children that would otherwise never have the chance at an education.”

Currently, DUH has donated $14,000 for the digging of a deep water well in Jeremie, Haiti, where there is a Rock/Impact mission on the ground. One out of every ten children is dying from contaminated water and many more are ill. The water well will supply clean drinking water to over 5,000 people each day. Thanks be to God!

From 2008 to date, DUH, the volunteers and people of the Rock Church have helped raise over $150,000 and recycled over 280,000 pounds of bottles and cans—changing lives across the globe.

God’s Big Plans for a Small Idea

What’s on the docket? DUH will continue to support other sustainable “Dream Projects” of the Rock, including orphanages and the building of more water wells along with helping out wherever there is a need. DUH is now actively partnering with Impact 195 and Rock missions to help support more projects in areas where Rock missions will be present, including building the first ‘Do Something Centers’ (DSC) in Haiti, Philippines, India and Africa.

Fact – If each of the 13,000 weekly Rock attendees would bring in just 10 bottles and cans a week, it would raise over $40,000 each month. How many water wells and orphanages could we build every month? Bring your bottles and cans to the Rock on Sundays from 7am to 7pm to the LaunchPad in the rear parking lot and let’s find out!


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