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Tumors Gone... In Jesus' Name
By Rock Church

As we stepped into the dimly lit small home, there was a clear sense of peace and love. This was because the woman who lived in this home was a believer. She was a believer among many non-believers, a light in the darkness. Our team was spending a week of outreach in the city of Vellore, India, where we did many house visits; prayer walks, and shared the Gospel in many villages. We were on our way to speak to a group of people about Jesus, and Pastor called three of us girls to enter into this Christian woman’s house to pray. Through translation we came to find out that she had a large tumor next to her right ear. This tumor was different though; it would swell up every three days. She had this tumor for years and she was desperate for healing, desperate for the touch of God! As we began to pray over her, she wept. We prayed several times, crying out on her behalf, claiming healing in Jesus name. Nothing happened, the tumor was still there, but as we were leaving I told her, “God is going to heal you, fully!” Right after this time of prayer, my husband asked me what took place in the house. I told him, “We prayed for a woman who had a tumor, but God didn't heal her on the spot.” Right there, I had a lack of faith, I even told the woman I believed God would heal her, but when sharing with my husband the story, my faith clearly was lacking.

But God… He is faithful, He is mighty, and He is powerful, strong and perfect in every way. One week after returning from this outreach trip, I got word that since that night that we prayed for her, the tumor has not returned, not even once! God healed her! Through this miracle, He showed me it is never dependent upon me, it is never about me, it is always, always, always about Him and His faithfulness toward His people. Yes, He calls us to faith! Through the Gospels we see that as people believe, they are healed. Yet, it is always by His love and mercy. It is always by His power and might. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stop and think about how faithful He has been to heal, restore, and redeem your life (both physically and spiritually). Revelation 15:3, says, “Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty!” Remember and reflect on what Jesus has done for you. He is great and greatly to be praised, marvelous are all His works!

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