20 Amazing Years

by Rock Church | March 1, 2020

We asked members of Rock Church to submit their testimonies about how God has positively impacted their lives through the Rock and/or Pastor Miles. Here are some of those responses:

I had never been to church or knew anything about the Bible until I was saved 5 years ago. Since then I have been on a quest to seek out how best to serve our Lord and Savior. I believed I had to find the highest mountain and pray for the Lord to reveal my special purpose and spent a couple of years running in circles. I tried joining YWAM and completed a Mission course, believing God may be there. I've heard speakers and Pastors of many denominations across the United States, seeking how to get closer to God. I finally figured it out...He has been inside me the whole time. I recently moved to San Diego, and I am very excited about becoming a member of Rock Church. I love all the opportunities to serve the Lord in such varieties that anyone can find what they are passionate about. After all, our Father in Heaven loves us so much, He allows us to serve Him by finding what WE are passionate about. Just take a step forward in that, and He will do the rest. Rock Church offers this special gift to me, and I'm excited to begin my new journey.   - Cindy, attending 1 week

I grew up Catholic and got involved with serving at the age of 11 until my early adulthood years. Being active duty brought me to Camp Pendleton and San Diego. My previous marriage took a hit in 2012 and I was lost, living in the flesh and in the world. I met my wife, who was also divorced and we started to look into going back to church. Although we had been going to Rock Church Point Loma since 2014, it wasn’t until 2016 that I fully surrendered my life to Christ and made Rock Church Point Loma my home. Since then, I was able to be part of the Rock Safety Ministry family, we joined an rGroup and are both in dGroups. My relationship with Christ has been stronger than ever in my life. Rock Church is the soil to my faith as a mustard seed.  - Pap, attending 6 years

After several years attending another church, my wife Vanessa and I decided to look for another church. We didn’t feel we were growing in the Lord. We attended a different church each week. Finally, the Rock was next on our list. We attended the North County Campus. We were greeted well, but it was the Pastor who resonated with us. One minute into Miles’ message, I turned to my wife and said, "He’s from NY.” I’m from NY as well so I had an immediate connection. His way of presenting the word of God was so natural, real, and at times, hard-hitting. We decided we would continue attending and about a month later, I said to my wife that I wanted to serve and I would talk to one of the associate pastors as to where I could serve. This was a huge deal for me. I was allowing the Holy Spirit to lead into a future I could not see. It was my Abraham moment. After decades of church attendance, JUST attendance, I never joined a church, never served in a church. The suggestion to join the Altar Call Team was jarring. I didn’t know how to pray for people or to speak to groups. What a difference 6 years makes! Now, Vanessa and I are the 10am Altar Call leaders at the San Marcos Campus. I’m so excited to pray for others, to share my story of God’s deliverance for me. My service to the Lord has changed me greatly. I’m more at peace. My marriage is better. I’m happy. I hear God regularly and seek to hear from Him more and more. I’m hungry for Him. I read more about Him than I ever did and I give credit to God for pursuing me, until I answered, “Here I am.” Through my service, I have learned more about God and myself than had I decided to sit and listen to a message week after week. I encourage everyone to serve. No one can understand all that God has for them by sitting in a pew. Jesus set the example. Serve. With service comes a greater impact from the message. It brings humility. It brings wisdom and compassion and peace. And to all who read this, you will not understand until you serve. When I was a kid, I would complain about many things. Occasionally, my father would answer my complaints with, “Well, why don’t you go help someone?” Then, it was stupid. Today, it’s wisdom. Whenever you’re not getting want you want, I say go help somebody. Serve!  - Lawrence, attending 6 years

I gave my life to Christ after a message that Pastor Miles gave. Then God called me to the Rock 20 years ago and on day one I was so blessed to serve in the bookstore! From there I have served in Women’s Ministry and am now the Women’s Ministry pastor. Only God could do that! God changed my life, has healed and saved many in my family! I am so honored to serve.  - Teresa, attending 20 years

I was incarcerated in 2014 and I read a book about Pastor Miles, I prayed God would let me out so I could attend the church so I can give my life to Jesus. I got out maybe within a week of reading the book. I attended the Rock and instantly felt relieved. I started to cry and literally fell on the floor on the balcony in the 10 am service. I go almost every Sunday, and every time I go I believe Pastor Miles is saying something in his sermon to me. Every single time I go I cry. I have so much in me that I need to let out, and I feel Pastor Miles helps me do that. I’ve been homeless and when I’ve gone and prayed for help, it’s literally a miracle because within a month or less I got all my things together—a job and a home for my daughters and me. My daughters have also changed. They are happier, and they love to go to Rock Kids. It’s honestly an amazing place for all ages. I thank Pastor Miles for writing that book. Thank you all for accepting us at Rock Church.  - Alma, attending 4 years

When my husband and I moved to San Diego from China I started to attend the Rock on my own. My husband grew up in a Muslim household, and he didn’t want to go to church with me. The first time I attended the Rock I prayed with someone from the Pastoral Support Team. I prayed for my husband to listen to God’s calling and come to church with me. This was February of 2017. The next week my husband decided to come to church with me and he was so surprised at what church actually was. That Easter he nailed his burdens at the cross and when the comedian, Michael I think, came to speak at the church, my husband went to the altar call and accepted Christ as his Savior. Last August 2019 my husband was baptized. After two miscarriages, we are pregnant and I am so excited to raise a baby in a godly household. Thank you Rock church!  - Ashley, attending 3 years

I’m in the military and just moved to San Diego in August. Because I move around a lot I’m always having to find a new church which is sometimes challenging finding the right fit. It’s difficult leaving the relationships you formed with your old church family as well. I prayed for God to chose the right church home for me then googled non-denominational churches in San Diego and came across The Rock. I watched a sermon online and figured it was worth checking out. Somehow within my first couple of visits, I found out that this church started on February 27th which is my birthday. Granted this year is more like the 20th anniversary of my 19th birthday, but I knew that was my sign that this would be my new church home. Since I started coming here I’ve attended LIFE class, signed up for the Law enforcement and military r group, signed up for hospitality ministry and recently started classes for PST, which is a lot now that I have it all written out. I’ve never been so involved in church and I’ve been attending for 18 years! It’s easy though because everyone is super friendly flexible and supportive. I’m excited for the opportunity to really hone in on my gifts and allow God to use me in a greater capacity by loving better and being a blessing to others. Happy birthday, Rock Church!  - Keyia, attending 6 months

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. I live in Los Angeles, and my cousin lives in San Diego. I had just had surgery and was going to start my chemo. My cousin had called me and told me that God was speaking to her and detoured her to Rock Church. She told me the message had spoken to her and said it was something I needed to hear. So I went online and streamed the message; she was right! It was that message that got me through my cancer journey, and I have been streaming the live service since. Paster Miles is great; all the pastors are. I have struggled with so many things and it seems that every message just speaks to me and helps me get through it. I feel truly blessed to be part of the online community. Debra, attending 3 years

Check back in for more testimonies from over the past twenty years.


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