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Up Close and Personal With Delirious?
By Trish Teves

Delirious has chosen the Miles Ahead Benefit Concert on Saturday September 5th as their very last Southern California concert before they retire.

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We talk with lead singer Martin Smith to take a look back at the band's accomplishments and a look forward to their future after retirement.

After your retirement, what do you plan on doing?
We will all be involved in different things but all music related.
For some, time at home will be great for a season after being on the road for many years.
It’s exciting to see so many fantastic players and worship leaders coming through. It’s a good time for us to impart what we have learned over 17 years.

What has been a defining moment in your career?

We have had so many incredible opportunities to lead millions of people into the presence of God. From America to Africa, from India to Italy, From England to Brazil. It has been an extraordinary life. Being with your brothers traveling the world seeing the light turn on in people of all creeds and cultures.
To pick one moment as defining is extremely difficult, but playing support to Bon Jovi was a big moment and opening a medical clinic in Mumbai with the royalties from our last record was fulfilling.

What message would you like to send the youth of today?

Whatever you choose to do now will affect your future. If you make great choices now then you will bear great fruit in the future. Don’t rebel, there is no need to, it’s foolish and will postpone what incredible things God has for you.

What message would you like to send to adults?

Ha ha! Well we all have kids now of varying different ages and we are in the middle of learning how to be good dads! My children all respond to time. They don’t need a ‘superdad’ but they do need me to be ‘present’ and to know that they are my absolute priority.

What type of humanitarian work do you plan to continue?

Again it will be different for all of us. We still support the project at Prem Kiran in Mumbai. We are involved in a restoration center there which looks after woman enslaved in prostitution and their children too. We are sure that there will be many things that emerge from every person over the years. We have to continue to be history makers even if we officially stop making music together.

Why did you choose the Miles Ahead benefit concert as your last so cal

We have always admired Miles and the church but never managed to hook up. It’s great at last to be with you all and are privileged to be amongst great people.