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by Danielle Kennedy | September 26, 2017

Global Outreach partnered with Believers World Outreach and GO and Tell to take a team of Rock Church volunteers to Uganda. Here is her story of what happened on that trip!


On July 28, the team arrived at the airport with expectant hearts and a readiness to serve. Just as a tangible expression of that, as the team members began arriving, the ministry bags doubled from the generous people that gave items for ministry in the country. Many donations were given through multiple ministries within Rock Church, as well as family and friends of the team members. After a long travel, the team was welcomed in Uganda by our host and friend, Ssempa Peter. As well as an official welcome from the Kids Care children with singing and dancing. The team loved it!

On the first day of ministry, the 23 members were split into three teams: medical, outreach, and orphanage. Within the 11 ministry days, the medical team and outreach team spent ten days at Kids Care. A total of 1542 patients were treated. The outreach team preached the gospel and more than 100 people accepted Christ as their personal savior. The orphanage team fell in love with the orphanages they visited (Love and Care for All Uganda and Smile Street Kids). Many of them began a personal friendship with the children there and are committed to seeing them grow as they support them through giving and prayer. At the end of the trip, seven kids were sponsored within those two organizations and another 13 from Kids Care Ministry, for a total of 20 kids who now have sponsors. 

We had the opportunity to organize some of our favorite events on the mission field, like our Sons and Daughters event. 52 kids at Timothy Home were crowned as princesses and princes of the most high God as they walked down the royal carpet and were escorted by our team members. Each child was then given a special gift, had their feet washed by their mission team escort and prayed over. All children heard the gospel story through a prince and princess drama skit, and many welcomed Jesus into their lives that day. The day included lots of food, games, ice cream, and ended with a dance party celebration! We did not want the night to end - it was a blast! 

Another event we had the opportunity to put on was the Arise and Shine Women’s Conference. This was their second, and biggest one yet! It was a one-day conference with over 300 women. Many of the donations from team members were given out that day to the women where they felt loved and cherished. Some of our team members including Debbie, Erica, Laura, Eva, and Yleana, taught them about the importance of breastfeeding, personal hygiene, and we encouraged them in their walk with the Lord. All the women on the team loved wearing their Ugandan traditional clothes, Gomesi, and the men wore their Kanzu’s. We were blessed by all that God did that day! The salvation message was given and a total of 120 women took the step of faith in standing up to receive the love of Christ and majority were Muslim. Many have joined near by Pentecostal churches and have a community to continue to grow in the Lord. 

Every day, there were new miracles and stories that the outreach team experienced. Most of their time was spent praying and encouraging the sick who had come to the medical clinic each day. Among the many people that were healed, a lady named Sarah initially had a temperature that was high beyond imagination, and after being prayed for, her temperature was back to normal. The team introduced themselves as she was first laying on the ground. She left standing up in confidence, with a smile on her face, and the hope of Jesus Christ in her heart. He became her personal savior that day. On the second day, she brought her siblings to be prayed for. And they also accepted Christ. She and her family were Muslim, but after seeing the miraculous healing of Sarah they believed themselves. She brought back someone from her family every day while the team was there in the village. 

On the team's free day, some of the team members took their sponsor children to eat and hang out for the day. They loved having a day off to get to know their new friends and to hear their hearts about what they love to do, their family members, and some of their favorite moments were getting up from the table to dance and sing together.

On the last day of the mission, all the teams went to one village- Kalagala village. This is where the team met the father of our host, Ssempa. They treated him and prayed for him. He had taken days inside the house because of ulcers and after being treated and prayed for, he was healed and he went out for his normal work the same day. The team treated people from house to house in the same village. The team was meeting every evening and morning for devotions and sharing experiences. The team set off from Masaka on Thursday morning to the airport to fly back home.

It was a holy trip filled with peace and unity among the whole team. The team members stepped on U.S. soil a different person. God is continually transforming them a month later. They believe that a little bit of Uganda lives inside of them and they will carry the stories of all that God has done for many, many years to come.


This October we will have an opportunity to partner with 2 feet 1 goal to introduce thousands of Ugandan men to the Gospel and its power to change their life, family, and community. Here is what we are preparing: a Soccer Tournament Outreach, launch 30+ Christian Soccer Clubs, a Men’s Ministry Conference, and a Leadership and Discipleship Training for 300+ Pastors. 

Men's Ministry will be returning to Uganda in October to host a Pastor’s Conference and Soccer Outreach. Click to support this project. 

For more information on Global outreach and upcoming trips click here


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