by Dave Franco | November 7, 2013

In 2000, when Rock Church was still at San Diego State University, the women’s ministry began in earnest with seven women brought together as a leadership team and a common interest to grow in Christ. The growth was slow-going due to a lack of a permanent facility—even though the church was growing quickly. The original seven women were faithful to serve until the Lord called them out, one-by-one, for service in different ministries.

With the future of the group a little unclear, Karen Stevens and Teresa Holderby, two women who attended Rock Church, were encouraged by the other women to start praying together because they both had expressed a passion for mentoring younger women. They agreed they would get together and pray.

Little did they know just how much prayer God wanted from them.

Every week for nine months, feeling compelled by God to come together, they drove from the farthest reaches of the county to pray and seek God’s will. It was then that God gave Karen and Teresa the vision for Sisters in Christ. They shared the vision with Pastor Miles who gave his blessing for them to move forward with the ministry. He also asked them to start leading the women’s ministry at Rock Church.

Eleven years later, the Women’s Ministry, has more than 4,000 women in its database and has added eight different ministries under that ministry’s banner—all of them dealing with issues relating uniquely to women. In addition to the added ministries, Karen and Teresa are also supporting and advising the women’s ministry leaders at the North and East County campuses, as well as the variety of events throughout the year, including the women’s retreat and the next big event on the calendar, the Christmas Event & Market on Dec 7.

“It’s a non-threatening environment for ladies to come, invite their friends and have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas,” says Karen. “We have a craft fair with dessert, tea and coffee, and then a wonderful Christmas program ending with a gospel message. It’s free and everyone has a great time.”

“We have so much to do to get it ready,” adds Teresa, “but first things first. First we’re going to pray.”


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