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Women’s Retreat 2009: “I Had to Be Here…”
By Sandra Foreman
How did attending the Rock Women’s Retreat 2009 affect women? We spoke with women who had just walked out of the sanctuary to tell us how they were feeling and what their expectations of the retreat were.

This is how a couple of them responded:

I Came Expecting…
“The retreat affected me from the start. I had been looking forward to come to the retreat since April or May. But obstacles came at the last minute and I almost let them bowl me over. I had suddenly gotten sick. I had to go back home to lay down for two to three hours. Then arrangements for a wedding showed up at the last minute. My girlfriend and I didn’t leave until 9:00 pm Friday night.

But there was something in me that said I just had to be there. I knew the Holy Spirit was leading me. I had asked God for a Word. So I came expecting to receive a message.

This retreat and the words we were just blessed to hear made me renew my relationship and intimacy with Him. I recognized it was always my way to compromise. But this taught me to stop compromising. Give Him more control.”

--Tina H.

Wanted to Go Deeper in My Walk…
“I am a prayer warrior and I wanted to go deeper in my walk with God. I came here to fellowship with other women at The Rock. I came expecting a spiritual renewal.

I am so glad I came. The Word confirmed His promises to me. It was refreshing to hear we must give God everything, especially the things we can’t control.

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