Yes and Amen

by Dave Franco | September 30, 2020

On the day that Rachael Morrison asked her husband, Shawn, how he’d feel about having a baby, it was evidence of the extraordinary transformation that had taken place in both of their lives. Just a few years before, Rachael had entered into a relationship with Shawn under one circumstance: that they would never marry and there would be no children. Due to vanity about her body image, and the constant need to impress others, not to mention her obvious insufficiencies as a mother to her teenage son, Tyler; she was completely against having children. Her pursuit of success caused her to spend more time at work and in the bars than at home. After realizing what she had done, she declared then that no child should ever be subjected to her mothering again.

Shawn, who loved Rachael very much, but knew that he wasn’t going to convince her otherwise, simply consented. 

However, in taking Tyler to church so he could get a religious education, Rachael and Shawn began to be moved by what they heard and that is when they both gave their hearts to Jesus. Suddenly life had turned completely upside down. When before they wanted nothing to do with God, now they were living for Him completely. The Holy Spirit became more real than anything they had ever experienced. Their joy was boundless.

The Holy Spirit became more real than anything they had ever experienced. Their joy was boundless.

It was at that time that a teaching from Romans 8:28 took Rachael aback. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” 

You mean, not only is God not bound by the mistakes of my past, He will actually use them for me? she thought.

The grace of God to redeem her past was nearly more exciting than she could stand. That’s why when she read in the Bible, “Be fruitful and multiply,” it was like God was swinging open the door. “I think God wants us to have a baby. How do you feel about it?” she asked Shawn.

“I feel great about it!” he replied. He had always wanted a baby anyway. This was incredible news.

And so, feeling ushered into a new place by God, they began to try to get pregnant and life was thrilling and a little scary. But they were sure about their calling. No doubt about it.

One month turned into two, then three, four, and five, and by month sixth, Shawn started to feel the mental and emotional oppression that comes with failing to get the job done. About six months later, Rachael joined Shawn at near panic levels of fear. What could be wrong with us? they wondered. Hadn’t God clearly lead us to have a baby? Why was He shutting all the doors?

Twelve months became 18 which became 24, and then 30 and 36, and still Rachael was not pregnant. They were healthy people. What could be the problem? Actually, there was a big problem—one they wouldn’t know about until a year later.

But in the meantime, they continued to believe that God’s promises applied to them all the while fighting not to sink further into fear, despair, and doubt.

What they didn’t know was that they were on the precipice of seeing a miracle. It happened one night after moving to San Diego and joining Rock Church City Heights that Shawn, who makes a spectacular sea salt chocolate chip cookie, gave a batch to Pastor Micah on his birthday. Pastor Micah was moved by the gift. “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked.

What they didn’t know was that they were on the precipice of seeing a miracle.

Shawn and Rachael both looked at each and said, “We’ve been trying to get pregnant.”

“That’s easy!” he said beaming. “Okay. Hold each other,” he instructed. “God wants everyone to have babies.” He put his hands on their shoulders. "Dear Lord, thank You for this couple. Thank You that You know the desires of their hearts and Your will is for them to be fruitful, so we come into agreement that any disfunction of the body must go right now and come into perfect alignment with heaven. In Jesus' name we pray, amen." 

“Thank you,” they said feeling hopeful.

“Now...go home and practice.” The date was December 23rd.

A couple of weeks later they were traveling toward Las Vegas from visiting Shawn’s mother in Utah when Rachael started to get motion sickness—bad—and she had never gotten car sick before. Not even multiple stops along the road for her to throw up seemed to relieve the problem. In fact, it was the worst case of motion sickness either of them had ever seen.

Finally, they limped into Las Vegas, where they had booked a room in an upscale hotel, and Rachael headed straight for bed where she would stay. A bath with Epson salts turned her skin beet red and itchy.

They looked at each other with total confusion. “God, what is going on here?” they said aloud. “Rachael’s body is freaking out. What’s wrong with her?”


Samuel Christian Morrison was born 8 lbs. 2.2 oz. nine months later on August 31, 2018. A retracing from the date of birth led to the exact evening of Pastor Micah’s prayer where he appealed to the power of the Holy Spirit to heal any malady inside the body that might prevent a pregnancy. A medical report that had not yet been seen by Shawn revealed that he did indeed have a condition that reduced his chances of successful fertilization to next to zero. 

The total time that Rachael and Shawn tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant was 40 months—just over three years. But of course, where God makes a promise, all of them are yes and amen.


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