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All In
Pervasive Hope Starts With Me.
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Pervasive Hope Starts with you.
All In is a defining moment in the history of our church. It is our all-out effort to have an even greater impact than we’ve ever had before. It is an opportunity like no other – to love more people, impact more lives, and see more than ever His Kingdom “on earth as it in heaven.”
With your commitment we can accomplish great things!
We believe that if each person at the Rock decides to go deeper with God, amazing things will happen. LIFE groups will explode, ministries will excel, outreaches will increase, and giving will multiply exponentially. As a result, the lost will be found, the hurting will be comforted, the addicted will be set free and God’s love will shine throughout our city. Through God’s strength, we will be able to SAVE, EQUIP, and SEND like never before!
Our best days are ahead of us!
Believing that God will do great things, Rock Church is preparing to make significant financial investments into establishing Pervasive Hope over the next 2 years. The general offering and Pervasive Hope campaign will be rolled into one fund used to pursue all the we believe God has called us to do.
  • Expand to 7 campuses, preaching the gospel to 25,000 each Sunday
  • Increase the number of microsites to reach every corner of our county and beyond
  • Use innovative technology to reach the lost like never before
  • Provide additional opportunities for discipleship and spiritual growth
  • Boost our community by doubling the number of LIFE Groups within Rock Church
  • Practice wise stewardship by reducing the Point Loma mortgage and preparing for the future
  • Expand our Outreach Ministries to serve the hurting, addicted, and poor in our city
  • Global Outreach to orphans in Haiti, schools of discipleship in Mexico and India, and beyond
  • Grow Toys for Joy, Rock Your City, and other volunteer opportunities
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