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August 8, 2013

About 3 hours ago, I was on my way to a restaurant in La Jolla to meet a women’s networking group that I belong to. I decided to take a short cut through University Town Centre Shopping Mall.  As I was driving through the vast parking lot, I noticed this very thin Asian woman wearing a green jogging suit walking through the parking lot.  Her name was Jei. She paused and grabbed her stomach then kept walking after 15 seconds. I kept driving on to my appointment. My God called me to turn around and go talk to this woman and Save Her Life!  I knew she was anorexic when I saw her. She weighed maybe 50 pounds and was over 5 feet tall.  She was all bones. Because of her weight and her pause to grab her stomach, I knew she didn’t have more than 24 hours to live.  Maybe.   God again told me to turn around and talk to her but I kept driving for 5 more minutes. Then I turned around and prayed that the Lord would help me find her. He led me to her!   She was attempting to back out of a small parking spot in a white Honda Accord.  She wasn’t able to do so on her own. I maneuvered my way around all of the cars trying to get out of the parking lot and parked in the red zone, jumped out, and left my car running. I walked over to her car and luckily her window was down. I guided her out of the spot so she could continue on her way. But before that, I asked her “Are you anorexic?” She said her friends indicated that she was too thin but she disagreed with them. I touched her shoulder before she left and it was just bone.  Her teeth were horrible because her diet was non-existent!   I told her that a friend of mine died several years ago because of anorexia and I never wanted to experience that again. I told her she would die in 24-48 hours if she didn’t get help. Anorexics tend to have heart attacks because of the stress on their heart of no food and not enough water.  I gave her my business card and said to please call me so I could refer her to treatment centers in San Diego. She said thank you and drove off. I cried and felt a deep pain for her.

When I got home, I called 2 friends and told them the story. They each prayed separately for her. After I hung up, I prayed at home and asked what the Lord wanted me to do. Why did he want me to see her?  What does He want me to do about it?  What should I do about all of girls I meet that are suffering from this disease? I again cried out to the Lord several times and asked what He wanted me to do.  He said to me quite clearly that he wanted me to rely on Him for healing through His Word.  Then I said I didn’t know His Word by memory, and He said to learn it and share it!  God is always right!

My heart is very heavy and sad for Jei.  I know I am just a seed that was planted by God into her life yet she may reach out to someone else for help.  I really hope she does. But I can only think the worst. I have never seen a case so bad as Jei’s.  I know the Lords plan is bigger than mine and that He spoke to me so I would speak to her.  He reminded me that I need to focus on Him and learn His Word because His Word never comes away void after being heard by another.  Thank you God for your direction and intervention. I pray that I can always be obedient when you ask me to do something because it will always help someone.

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