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God's Warriors

63 Chevy Impala Hope Project

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Rock N the Hood has a vision to use a 1963 Chevy Impala to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. This Low-Rider gospel concept car has the potential to reach, and save thousands to the Lord.

The use of a 63 Chevy Impala that would present the message of the cross choreographed with sound, art, hydraulic movement, special effects, and lighting for night presentations.

3-5 minute presentation (like a testimony).

  • Through sound, choreographing, start by showing how the crown of thorns was placed on Jesus brow (car moves when crown is placed on)
  • The doors open automatically with Jesus hands nailed to the cross (car moves when nailed)
  • The trunk of the car has Jesus feet nailed to the cross (car moves when nailed)
  • The car ends the testimony by pan-caking to the ground to illustrate the death of Jesus
  • A live speaker presents further the gospel and speaks about not only the death of Jesus Christ for their sins, but also the resurrection.
  • The car would then resurrect off the ground representing the resurrected Christ

This gospel low-rider presentation could be done at the following.

Junior and high schools, colleges, Church Services Low-rider events/shows, any inner city areas where gangs are present, inner city Christian concerts, and any evangelistic inner city outreach.

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