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Trinity TKO


Re-Launched as Trinity MMA. The first Sunday is Grappling and the third Sunday we meet is the Kickboxing class.

Grappling Class Breakdown:
- (10 mins) Stretching & Devotional 
- (20 mins) Drills
- (30 mins) Grappling Matches (Mouthpieces needed, beginners are free to observe)

Kickboxing Class Breakdown:
- (10 mins) Warm-Up & Devotional
- (20 mins) Drills
- (30 mins) High Intensity Kickboxing Workout (No Sparring)

What to Wear:
- T-Shirt/Rashguard (No tank tops in Grappling due to potential injuries)
- Loose fitting pants/Fight shorts
- Lightweight shoes(kickboxing) Socks/Barefoot(Grappling)

Equipment to Bring:
- Mouthpiece (for Grappling)
- Boxing/MMA gloves (I recommend Boxing since they prevent wrist injuries better)
- Water

About Me
My name is Andrew and I'm 22. I've been studying a Chinese martial art called Choy Li Fut since 2005. I've been specially trained to teach since 2012, teaching Choy Li Fut and Yang style Tai Chi at White Dragon in San Diego. God and martial arts is my life. Martial arts has taught me how to fight every day battles and humble myself before Him. I have a backround of competing in Folk-Style Wrestling, Submission Grappling, Kickboxing, Weapon Sparring, and Push Hands.