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Be A Mentor

Mentors Interested in Mentoring Someone

Do you want to invest in another's life that will impact eternity? There are many people in the church today that eagerly desire to have a relational experience with a mature Christian. The Mentoring Ministry is looking for committed Christians who are willing to allow the Lord to use their God given gifts tohelp others fulfill their potential in Christ.

One of the goals in mentoring is to disciple another person in Christ and walk beside them as God shapes him/her into His image. In addition to this foundation, we are offering a 2 week class through Life Growth Track to assist Mentors with principles for successful mentoring. Thereafter, there will be bi-monthly training and enrichment classes for the mentors to assist them in their mentoring journey.

TOPICS Include:

   What is the Role of a Mentor

  How to Mentor: Jesus Style

  Guidelines For Successful Mentoring

If you are interested in volunteering with the Mentoring ministry, please fill out our Mentor Application Form.

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If you wish to contact the Mentoring Ministry for our San Marcos campus, please e-mail [email protected]