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Making an Impact for God

My husband and I feel so blessed.  Not only do we live in beautiful San Diego, we get to show it off every day to people who are here on vacation OR they're here on business. Our company, Where You Want To Be Tours, is a real gift from God. Over the years, he has opened many doors and he's given us some really fantastic business ideas. One of our favorite adventures is our Scavenger Hunt.  We never get bored creating these hunts for groups! 

Several weeks ago, we put on a huge team building Scavenger Hunt for an out of town group.  One of the tasks called for teams to stop in at a local hotel.  The bellhop working that day, just happened to be one of our good friends who is also very familiar with our Scavenger Hunt.  Jim told us that whenever teams would stop in at his hotel, they would look around but they would never ask him for help.  On our Scavenger Hunts, we encourage teams to ask people for help.  Jim said it drove him crazy because teams would look at him and smile but they would keep walking. In his head, Jim was saying "Ask me for help! I know everything. I can help you!" It really is a shame too because Jim knows a lot of the answers! In case you're wondering, our rules state that Jim can only help teams if they ask him for help. He's not allowed to approach them and give away all the answers.

Anyway, it got me thinking... I wonder if God feels that way? How many times do we have a problem but we never once ask the Creator of the Universe for his guidance? Instead, we go to anyone and everyone and ask them what they think. If God has all the answers (and he does!), we should be asking for his help on EVERYTHING we do. Several years ago, I was going through a crazy phase where I would wake up in the morning and immediately go to my laptop and start working like a madwoman.  I quickly realized, that's not the way to start your day!  Now, I'm very deliberate.  Before I even get out of bed, I say my morning prayers and I ask for God's guidance, protection and wisdom.  I find that when I do this, my day flows with a lot more ease and grace.

My prayer for you is that you'll start every day with God.  And the next time you have a problem that's stressing you out, you'll take it to the One who has ALL the answers... our faithful God!


Darlynne Menkin, Military Ministry Leader