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Believers World Outreach


1. What is Believers World Outreach?


Believers World Outreach (BWO)is a 501(C)3 non-profit missions sending organization serving with the Rock Church to provide mission opportunities to the church body. We facilitate mission trips for individuals and ministry groups that desire to reach out, sharing the love of Christ beyond their own comfort zone to the lost and the hurting of this world.  For more information about Believers World Outreach visit our short term missions website, fan us on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

2. What countries does BWO visit?
We currently minister in Latin American Countries, The Caribbean,  Africa, and the U.S. We are always open to visiting other countries if it seems like a fit. If you are a ministry group and you have a heart for a certain country contact us. We may be able to create a trip specific for that country.

3. What is included in the price of a mission trip?
Mission trips are all-inclusive from the departure city. Which means you international airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation, and ministry are covered in the price of your trip.

4. Is there anything that isn’t covered in the price of my mission trip?

You are responsible for obtaining your own passport, any visa fees, and departure taxes ($26 for Costa Rica). You will also need to review the required personal packing list for your trip. This is found in your manual.

5. How do I obtain a U.S. Passport?
For information on applying for or renewing a U.S. Passport go to:

6. What happens after I submit my application?
You will receive your mission packet in the mail. It contains a missions manual and a payment schedule. In the manual is paperwork that will need to be filled out and returned to us. Also, it contains fundraising ideas, packing tips and so much more.

7. What is your acceptance process?
The process is fairly easy. You will receive an email as well as the missions packet in the mail. The email and the packet you will receive in the mail are partial acceptance to the trip. Full acceptance to the trip will be determined once we receive your Pastor’s/ Small Group Leader recommendation and personal & medical info that need to be filled out and sent in to us from the manual. So don’t delay in returning those pages to us to secure your spot on the team.

8. What vaccines are mandatory for the country I am visiting?
For information on vaccinations go to:

9. Do I need travelers insurance?

All missionaries participating in a Rock/BWO mission trip must have Insurance in case of an emergency (see page 35 of your manual). If you currently have Health Insurance please call them to be sure it will cover overseas in an emergency. If you do not, travel insurance is easily available and fairly inexpensive. There are lists of insurance companies in our manual that carry this type of policy.

10. How can I raise money for my mission trip?
The number one, most successful way we have seen people raise money is through support letters. We will send you via email and in your missions manual after you have signed up for your trip a sample support letter that can be tweaked to fit your specific trip. There is also support pledge form that can be printed and sent out along with your support letters. We are a 501c 3 non profit. So don’t forget to let people know that their gift is tax deductible when made payable to BWO. They may also give directly to your mission trip on our web site through PayPal.

11. How can I get to know other people that will be serving on my team.
We will connect all Rock folks through individual facebook pages as well as a monthly gathering for trip prep and prayer.

12. What accommodations will be provided for missionaries while in the country?
Missionaries usually stay in hotels, bed & breakfasts, and dormitory type housing, however in some of the more primitive type trips you may actually stay in huts. With the exception of the occasional hut trip, the accommodations are comfortable as there are many first time missionaries on this trip. Females room with females and males with males. Exceptions can be made for married couples prior to trip if desired.

13. What about food?

Breakfast & dinner is will be served at the housing facility, a restaurant, or from the ministry that we are working with for that day. BWO works closely with staff to provide a quality meal that is healthy and enjoyable. While ministering during the day, the primary lunch is PB&J, bottled water, and fruit.

14. What about transportation in the country?

Generally, we charter buses or vans that will be used exclusively for their missionaries. The project directors will be able to communicate with the missionary teams via cell phone or two-way radios.

15. What if a missionary has a medical need while in the mission-country?
We have a medical facility within the mission country predetermined, should any need arise. They base their decision on the facilities, language abilities, and medical expertise of the staff of that hospital. Rock Church / Believers World Outreach are not responsible for this expense.

16. What happens if it becomes necessary for there to be an emergency evacuation from the country during the trip?

Prior to the departure date of the trip, Believers World Outreach closely monitors all activities within the country. Should an emergency or crisis arise in the mission country while you are there in which the safety of team members may be compromised, Believers World Outreach would take the appropriate action for the protection of the team members. Based on the nature of the crisis and the duration of the remainder of the trip, missionaries will either be evacuated to a Neighboring (safe country), or sent home immediately. Whatever the case, communication will take place between leadership in the mission country, leadership of Believers World Outreach, church leadership, and family members to determine what the best cause of action should be.

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