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Believers World Outreach

Trip | Nepal | Fall 2016.

Fall 2016.

On April 25, 2015, the Gorkha earthquake struck the country of Nepal, killing more than 8,600 people and leaving over 23,000 injured. The devastation continued in the weeks to come with numerous aftershocks and tremors causing even more destruction and fear for the survivors. Now that the dust has settled, the approximately 3 million displaced people are attempting to pick up the pieces of their homes and their lives.

This country is in desperate need of immediate and long-term assistance. But even more than the need for relief aid, the people need Jesus. Nepal is a “closed country” meaning the Gospel message is not welcomed on a governmental level. So while many survivors may eventually be able to rebuild their homes and begin finding a new “normal” for their lives, they will still be lacking internal restoration and be without eternal hope. We believe the most important work to be done is what God wants to do inside of these people’s hearts.

Believers World Outreach has been invited by long-term missionaries and friends on the ground in Nepal to bring a team to assist after the short-term relief has ended. They are in need of manpower to continue bringing help, relief aid, AND rebuilding to the city of Kathmandu as well as rural mountain villages.

The need is great and multi-faceted so it has been determined that two options for this trip will be available:

·         The City Option- which will consist of bringing aid to Kathmandu and more urban areas. This team will consist of approximately 10 people who will stay at a guest house in the city.

·         The Village Option- which will consist of another group of approximately 10 people to travel out to rural villages where the comfort level may be a bit less but the reward will be just as rich.

We invite you to come and give yourself away in the name of Jesus. Represent Him by clearing away rubble, giving a bag of rice, providing medical or optical care, making a child laugh, building a shelter, listening to people’s stories, and speaking life to those who need it most. God’s heart is to bring restoration to the country of Nepal and to reconcile the people back to Him. It starts with people saying “Yes”.  Will you go?

 Trip details.

·         Kathmandu & Rural Mountain Villages

·         November 26-December 5, 2016

·         $2,898.00 All-Inclusive from New York, NY

·         $2,998.00 All-inclusive from Los Angeles, CA

·         Possible Ministry Opportunities:

    • Construction & Relief Aid Distribution
    • ​Village Outreach
    • Medical & Optical Clinics
    • Children & Youth Outreach

·         Additional opportunities:  Photographers, videographers, worship team members (singers, guitar players, etc.)


·         Currently there are 20 spaces available for this mission trip opportunity.


·         There is a $300 deposit required upon sign up. ($252 will goes toward the trip cost and $48 goes to the startup fee.