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Healthy Lifestyles

HIS Living Healthy Lifestyles

Optimal Health and/or Weight Loss with Devoted Bodies

Thursdays Begin April 27 RSVP

Saturdays begin April 29 RSVP

The Health Industry has become a Trillion $$$ Industry andyet we are NOT Healthy and have more Disease and Cancer today than we did50years ago.

Unfortunately Christians are Leading the way in many of theUNHEALTHY areas!!

Is “Eating Healthy” Confusing for you?

Have you been diagnosed with something that you feelNutrition can help?

Do you just want to learn about Prevention?

Do you just want to Learn what the Bible says about HealthyEating?

Do you want to experience FREEDOM from Sugar, Caffeine, andother Food addictions?

We have NUMEROUS TESTIMONIES of FREEDOM from Food Addictions,Weight Loss, Freedom from Medications, NEW insight to a better Lifestyle forPrevention, and a Renewed Relationship with Jesus!

Are you ready to dedicate 8 weeks to learning something thatWILL change your LIFE.

Learn WHY you should or should not eat certain things, buteven MORE IMPORTANT learn How GOD designed us to eat for OPTIMAL Health!

 There are ALOT of conflicting "Facts" about Health on the Internet and in books!  There is a little "Truth" in almost everything out there, BUT it is mainly all Fiction to Promote a product or a book! 

It is time that we, as Christians, learn the TRUTH and Live the TRUTH on how our TEMPLE needs to be fed to do GOD'S work!  Let's  get Healthy in 2017 and show that the CHURCH is the place for HEALING and HEALTH!

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June 10, 2017  11:00 AM
Point Loma Campus
June 24, 2017  10:00 AM
Point Loma Campus