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Unity 4 Orphans


Who We Are

Unity 4 Orphans (U40) is a non-profit 501c3 and was established to unite and mobilize individuals and communities to drive a gospel-centered movement focused on providing physical and spiritual support, love and hope that transforms the lives of orphans.

What We Do

U4O aims to raise awareness and build communities that take action and make a meaningful difference in the lives of orphans through fundraising initiatives and missionary trips to orphan communities.

Our fundraising systems are designed to be simple, fun and sustainable through the Change 4 Change program, humanitarian ecommerce on Living Zoe,  and other community-led fundraising events.

Missionary trips to Tijuana are conducted monthly and international trips are led throughout the year in selected countries. Our goal is to build consistent relationships with orphans as well as the local organizations that directly support orphan communities.

In the last year, U4O has coordinated 12 mission trips to Tijuana, Mexico, and mobilized over 420 individuals who served a total of over 3,360 hours.

How to Get Involved

We have three primary needs—offering your talents, money or time. We need people to volunteer to help with the operational needs of U4O, participate in fundraising initiatives, or serve on a mission trip.

We ask that all volunteers first get involved with one of our fundraising initiatives or make a commitment to assist with U4O operational needs before attending one of the mission trips.

Please keep our ministry team and volunteers in prayer as we continue moving forward to serve a fallen and broken world. Want to get involved in a Worldwide, life changing movement? Email us at [email protected] !

Ministry Leader
Joe Brandi