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The Prison Pen Pal Ministry's Goal is to love and encourage inmates unconditionally in the Lord and share the Good News of Jesus Christ through correspondence.

Prisoner's lives can be significantly improved and sometimes even saved for the price of a postage stamp.

Letter writing is a vital part of The Rock Church Prison Ministry involvement. It allows Christians to reach out and share Jesus' love and God's forgiveness. It assist in the process of recidivism and breaking the cycle of crime and substance abuse. Giving individuals attention by way of correspondence with care, love and understanding. With a Christ-like attitude we can give hope to a broken heart and a positive outlook. 

Pen Pal Writers (PPW's)
Commitment: Volunteer's commitment in faithfully writing at least once a month can foster a healthy and trusting relationship with the inmate and thus aiding the inmate to build and create trust within their own personal relationships with others.

Requirements: Must be a Christian to reflect the love of Christ, 18 years old.

Process: Email us to request a volunteer application, once application has been received, we will review it and contact you for a brief telephone interview. Once approved, you will be sent the Guidelines Manual to review and confirm you will abide by the rules. You will be match to an inmate and their contact information will be provided to you so you can start your pen pal correspondence.

All correspondence is received at our Post Office Box, the mail is picked up twice a week. You will be notified once you receive a letter from your PPI.  Letters are forward to your home address the same day they are picked up.  

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]
Rock Church Prison Pen Pal Ministry
P.O. Box 60116
San Diego, CA 92166