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5 'n' 1 Recycling Program

We want to exemplify the Rock Church's mission to Save, Equip and Send in San Diego. Question is how do we get from recycling cans and bottles to... that? We have a program called the "5 'n' 1". What is that and how does it help us accomplish the Rock Church's mission?

Here are the abbreviated steps. More info below if you would like to read more.

  • Step 1 - INVITE friends, family, neighbors & co-workers to recycle with you.
  • Step 2 - PICK UP their donations and bring them with you on Sunday.
  • Step 3 - UPDATE THEM with what their recycling efforts are doing
  • Step 4 - INVITE THEM to the Rock.

NEED MORE INFO??? Here are the steps with more information.

Step 1

  • Participating in this "5 'n' 1" recycling program that challenges us to reach out and ask at least 5 of our friends, family, neighbors or co-workers and one work place for their recyclable beverage containers (aluminum cans and plastic and glass bottles) each week and bring those into the church every Sunday.
  • Ask them if they wouldn't mind setting them aside for you each week in order to help serve and save the lives of children. Hand them one of our 5'n'1 recycling information cards, (available from the recycling volunteers in the parking lot each Sunday.) Then set up a day to pick them up!


  • Pick up their recyclables. Answer any questions they may have about The Rock, the recycling program projects they are helping with.

Step 3

  • Update them on the progress of our ministry. Updates can be found here on the website. Let them know what our combined efforts are generating. How those proceeds are being used.  IE - feeding the homeless, or orphanage etc... You can give them the Rock Church website information to check out. Again, answer any questions they may have. Share a story of one of the projects we are working on or share what God is doing in your life! ( we are currently getting this card together for approval)

Step 4

  • Invite them to the Rock!

As Christians, we are called to tell people about Christ, but the majority of us don't know how and are intimidated by the thought of doing it. This ministry gives us an opportunity to approach neighbors in the most UN-intimidating way... their trash.

Asking for someones trash really is not all that hard.  People recycle anyway, its the "IN" thing.  We are offering them the option to serve and save people in our city while they do it!

This ministry enable us to become and evangelistic monster in San Diego. Each member speaking to 5 of their neighbors each week equates to over 200,000 planted "seeds" and exposures to Christ's love in action as well as our Church each month! WHOA! This entire program is about small efforts from many people resulting in absolutely phenomenal achievements!

I might not be a great evangelist, but I sure can ask someone for their trash, hand them a thank you note and then an invitation card. I personally don't mind letting Miles do the hard part, he's so good at it!

Get your recycle on @ The Rock!