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Agape Road Creed

I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior,

and am no longer defined by my struggles or temptations.

I am a child of God and my identity is in Jesus Christ.

In Christ I have been set free from sin.


Because I believe God’s Word to be true,

I trust in what God has said about me;

I believe He has a plan for my life to prosper me

and will work all circumstances in my life for good, for His glory.


There is no shame or condemnation in Christ,

and understand that secrets will destroy my relationship with Him.

I will be responsible and accountable for my actions,

and continue to live as the overcomer God has called me to be.


God’s Word says I am His ambassador,

therefore, I will intentionally lead others to Him by my conduct.

My life will honor God by the choices I make

And I will pursue holiness until I am perfected in Him.