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Sharing Grace

Personal Testimony

Hello there, my name is Carli Lehr. My husband, Ryan, and I lost our baby girl, Graci Lynn Lehr, very suddenly and unexpectantly at 37 weeks of pregnancy. There was absolutely no indication of danger throughout our entire pregnancy. It was the end of January, just a few weeks before her Valentine's day due date. We had celebrated her life with a baby shower the day before we lost her... She became our guardian angel that night, Daddy holding us tight! This came as a complete shock to us as she was such a beautiful and healthy baby girl! She was so strong and was always dancing in Mommy's tummy! But she wouldn't be dancing on earth with us anymore.


We spent the next 46 hours wondering what had possibly gone wrong. Through our devastation, God covered us with his wings and put a peace on our hearts that Graci wouldn't have been taken without a reason. Who knows... Maybe she would have suffered through something that "medicine" couldn't predict or correct. Maybe it would have been right away; Maybe it would have been in 5, 10, or 20 years down the road - in which we would have had to watch helplessly while she suffered and her life slowly faded from her. God saved her from that suffering, praise the Lord!


Upon delivery, we learned that she had gotten her umbilical cord looped into a knot sometime in the first or second trimester when she had lots of room in my belly. It must have been all that dancing with Mommy! She also had her cord wrapped around her neck twice which pulled that knot so tightly that it could not be undone. She was born into the arms of Angels and went straight to Heaven! She is still dancing for us, waiting to meet us in eternity. It's only because of the blood of Jesus Christ that we get the opportunity to see her again when we all get to Heaven. Thank you Jesus!!!


She may not be here on this earth but this little Angel's life has a purpose. Our delivery nurse spent hours and hours with us, learning about our story, and invited us to the Rock Church where we instantly knew we were supposed to be. We have been greatly blessed by the people and the joy God has given to us through our Rock church family and our obedience to Him. This is where we belong, this is our family, this is our purpose. We wouldn't be here without the loss of our precious Angel Graci.


Just 2 months later, God put it on my heart to pursue a ministry that would reach out to families like ours that were broken and devastated by this heart-wrenching circumstance. To encourage them to not lose faith in our Father, that he is near to the brokenhearted and carries us through the valleys of darkness. To show them kindness and that someone truly and deeply cares about what they are going through. To give them resources and somewhere to reach out to when they are ready. To share with them that we are all saved through God's unconditional love and grace. THANK YOU JESUS!!!


Our Graci Lynn is still very active in our lives. She is moving mountains without even taking a single breath. We love her, we celebrate her, we talk to her, we miss her, and we grieve her. But our God is the Living God and he is so much bigger than anything we could possibly imagine. He makes all things work together for our good. Even when we don't understand why. That's just Him saying, "Do you trust me?" ...YES LORD, I trust you!!! Thank you for blessing me and my family through a time in our lives that would be much, MUCH more difficult without you in our hearts.

With all of God's grace,

Carli Lehr

Sharing Grace Ministry

Visionary Leader