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Guitar Ministry F.A.Q.

1)  Who can attend?
Anyone who has the desire to learn to play the guitar and worship songs is welcome to attend.

2)  Do I need to be a member of the Rock Church?
No, the Worship Guitar Ministry is open to anyone.

3)  Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit, we have attendees ages 7 to 70.

4)  Is there a charge or cost to attend?
No, these classes are completely free.

5)  I have never played the guitar, can I still attend?
Absolutely!  The Worship Guitar Ministry has attendees that never played the guitar until they started attending this workshop.

6)  I want to attend, do I need to register?
No registering is required, just show up with a guitar. We recommend you    contact us first so we know to expect you and we can prepare any material we may have for you. See question 11 for contact information.

7)  Do I need to bring a guitar?
Yes, unfortunately we do not have guitars to loan at this time.

8) What can I expect when I show up for the first time?
On your first day we will conduct a quick assessment to determine your ability level.  Once we complete the assessment we will recommend which class you should attend.

9)  When and where are the workshops?
We meet every other Saturday morning at 9am for beginners and at 10am for more advance players in the East County Rock Church Youth Room. It's always best to check the Workshop Schedule for 2016 for possible changes or canceled classes.  

10) Are there any other classes offered by the Worship Guitar Ministry?
Yes, we conduct a basic Music Theory and Harmony class at 11 am just like the guitar classes every other Saturday in the East County Rock Church Youth Room. We recommend all those attending the earlier workshops attend this class if possible. You can attend this class without attending one of the earlier workshops, its open to everyone.

11) Who do I contact if I have questions or need more information?
Contact Jeff Lamb at 619 306-6412 or Send me an E-mail