Gospel Line Dance Ministry Meeting

Thursday, February 22, 2024


We are meeting at the Point Loma Campus.

1st Floor, Room 144 (behind the community room)

After you enter the lobby, walk past the elevators and the community room, go through the double doors on your right, and walk all the way down the walkway almost to the end. Room 144 will be on your right.

Devotional (6:00pm-7:00pm) and line dancing (7:00pm-8:00pm).

During our devotional time, we will discuss The Chosen (study below). During our line dancing time, we will learn easy beginner level line dances.

THE CHOSEN: I Am He (Season 1, Episode 8) (this will conclude Season 1, we will have a potluck on Thursday, March 14)

Video: Click here to watch the video.

Scripture References:
Genesis 33:18-20
Matthew 9:9-13
Hosea 6:6
Luke 4:38-39
Genesis 16 (Story of Hagar)
Daniel 7:13-14
John 4:1-42

Jesus, Nicodemus, Simon, Mary Magdalene, Andrew, Eden, Simon’s mother-in-law, Samaritan Woman

The Big Question:
What is your one BIG question from this episode? (What captured your imagination most, and what would you ask God about the events portrayed?)

Bring to Group:
What quote from this episode was the most meaningful/impactful to you? Why?

Group Discussion Questions:
1. Obedience at the risk of derision and opposition from others, or that threatens our usual way of life seems impossible. Discuss the different ways people (Simon, Eden, Matthew, Nicodemus, etc.) reacted to Jesus’ directions, the directions of family, and from peers.

2. Jesus mentions several times that he’s not trying to make his followers lives “easy,” nor is he here to deliver them from their oppressive government. What is Jesus’ purpose in coming and in bringing His disciples to follow him?

3. Who were the first told about Jesus’ birth? Who did He first tell about His ministry? What were their social statuses?

4. What was significant about Jesus choosing to talk to a Samaritan woman? How can you model that today?

5. Do some self reflection. Has there ever been a time in your life where you were as excited about Jesus as the woman at the well was? How can we bring back some of that excitement?

Jacob: “We didn’t choose him, he chose us.”

Eden to Peter: “Thank you.”

Peter: “Me? For what?”

Eden: “For obeying and following him.”

Jesus to his disciples: “Did you join me for safety reasons?”

Jesus: “Listen, if we are going to have a question and answer session every time we do something you are not used to, this is going to be a very annoying time together for all of us.”

Samaritan Woman: “I am rejected by others.”

Jesus: “I know. But not by the Messiah.

Thursday · February 22, 2024
6 - 8 PM
Rock Church Point Loma - 1st Floor, Room 144
If you have questions, please contact La Tasca at linedance@sdrock.com.
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