Heart for the House


In a cultural moment when the Church seems to be losing its popularity in the eyes of the world, we know that Jesus – and His house – never cease to be relevant. But the house is more than a building we visit on weekends. It is more than a Sunday service.

The house, simply put, is the people of God. As believers, we are “being built into a spiritual house” (1 Peter 2:5) so that we can offer the same hospitality to the world that Jesus extended to us.

Heart for the House is designed to help the people of Rock Church walk in discipleship, develop hearts of generosity, and step out in faith as we invest in the divine potential of God’s house.
Heart for the House Goal: $5 Million
The Rock Church

Motivated By Scripture + Moved By Compassion

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). When we truly understand the Father’s deep and unending love for us, we cannot help but respond with profound gratitude and generosity. This means that at Rock Church, our “Heart for the House” is a heart for people. We want to see relationships mended, families restored, addiction broken, and true hope realized.
I have seen God do some incredible things over the past 22 years, and my anticipation and faith for what God can do in this next season is greater than ever. I believe that God is going to shape our church in profound ways through Heart for the House, and I believe our generosity is going to have an eternal impact on the city of San Diego and beyond.

God’s house has unlimited potential to change the world, but this will only happen if the people of God – who make up His house – come together and step out in faith. Heart for the House is an opportunity to passionately and courageously trust God with our resources, knowing that we are partnering with God’s mission to see the world look more like heaven! Thank you so much for giving generously and sacrificially. You are truly making a difference!

Pastor Miles
As a local house, we are a diverse community of people who are committed to living out what we believe. We believe that the hope the world seeks is found in the teachings, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and we want to make that hope known on every street and to every person.

We also know that following Jesus requires action. As 21st century disciples, we choose to walk how Jesus walked and allow our lives to be shaped and formed as we grow in discipleship.

This is why we choose to be a Do Something Church, and we invite you to take action with us!

Our Vision

As we partner with God’s mission to see San Diego and beyond look more like heaven, we focus our attention on three main pillars: Know God, Grow in Community, and Make a Difference.

Know God

We will provide environments that will help people Know God at our church campuses, online, and around the world.
Once completed, this chapel will serve our ministries and the surrounding community as a space for prayer meetings, worship services, and outreach events.
General maintenance repairs at our campuses will contribute to longevity of our meeting spaces.
As a full-fledged, mission-sending organization, we actively send out both long-term and short-term missionaries to “go and make disciples of all nations.”
We are committed to sharing the gospel online and around the world in both English and Spanish.
We are vested in helping people be the Church wherever they are through our Church Anywhere initiatives.

Goal: $2.5 Million

Grow in Community

We will help people Grow in Community through our CORE ministries, discipleship platforms, and Christian education opportunities.
We desire to see the next generation pursue God wholeheartedly, and we are committed to creating spaces for them to gather together, encounter Jesus, and learn from scripture.
Rock Church is focused on building up the men and women in our community through discipleship opportunities and community events.
Our Groups ministry exists to help people grow closer to Jesus, create lasting friendships, and learn how to make disciples.
For those who desire to become leaders in pastoral ministry both inside and outside the church walls, Rock Church provides practical training and mentorship.
Rock Church is continuously and actively working on intentional discipleship strategies that will help people grow in their faith.

Goal: $1.5 Million

Make a Difference

Our house will Make a Difference by inspiring people to share the tangible hope of the gospel in their homes, workplaces, and communities.
With the help of our faithful volunteers, donors, and partners, we are able to serve thousands of children and individuals every year by providing toys, resources, and hope in a season when many people need it the most.
As a Do Something Church, we are uniquely positioned to help meet the needs of our community by distributing essential items each month through our Provisions ministry.
We believe the Church is called to be a beacon of hope and a source of practical resources in the midst of crisis, and we have several ministries set up to respond in times of need.
We have a heart to serve the city in practical ways through neighborhood cleanups, Rock Your City events, military outreach, and more.

Goal: $1 Million

Please note that all donated funds will be allocated among the aforementioned categories as determined most impactful by Rock leadership.
Ministry in Action

Highlights from 2021

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Pounds of Food Distributed
People Impacted
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Our Stories

Why I Give

Dave Wessels

Honoring God

The Takahashis


Jason Batt


Heart for the House is more than a series. We want to cultivate a heart of deeper love for Jesus, our neighbors, and His house. We want to fully trust God with our resources while stepping out in faith to see what He will do through our generosity. Our hope is to see this house – as well as San Diego and beyond – look more like heaven. Thank you so much for giving generously and sacrificially. You are truly making a difference!

Get Involved

One way to demonstrate a Heart for the House is by getting involved! Learn how God wants to use your gifts to bless others. If you’d like to start volunteering, attend the next LIFE Class to discover how you can make a difference.