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More resources for Christians who are called to serve in public schools

For a daily devotion for educators go

Christian Educators Association International

Book used for this ministry Christian Teachers in Public Schools by Julia K. Stronks and Gloria G. Stronks. 

Gateways to Better Education   Also check out Love 2020

This is a collection of feedback given from educators in this ministry who wanted to share their ideas.  All grade levels.

Apples for Teachers Rock Ministry Best Practices

Positive Validations- example: If a student gives a right or good answer or does something kind, validate in a positive way such as The Elvis “ Thank you, Thank you very much”

The positive phone call home rather than always the negative phone call.

What kind of food do your students like?  Reward sometimes with a fun treat.

Since we have powerschool we can acknowledge birthdays by just saying it of giving them a small token (candy, sticker, etc)

Greet Students at the door, make comments about clothes or their weekend etc

Table Points- Friday prize to the table with the most points.  This encourages the ste students to ask questions, ask for help each other.

Each Class designs their own behavior contract amking them feel like they have a vested interest.

Prename notes at the beginning of the month to be sent home throughout with positive comments. By doing this you will not forget anyone getting an encouraging message sent to their parents.

2 reasons students act out: Escape or Attention.  Sometimes just addressing them by name can give them the satisfying attention they need.

Make a themed board for the month and stickers get stuck on the board for various positive behaviors. When a certain amount is collected the class gets a reward of some kind.

Publically praise the student in front of his peers.

Give hugs, high fives, fist bumps- It may be the only physical contact they have

Give the students that act out a job or responsibility.  Be careful and don’t forget the quiet ones too