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The Art Expression Therapy Ministry provides classes to maximize, cultivate and educate citizens by bringing them closer to God through art. Art is a mechanism and centrifuge to bring people to Christ.  We hope to separate our ministry to Japan by combining our services with an existing Ministry.  Art is a healing tool all over the world.

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Yes, I can…Yes, I will!  Bring a Friend and No Registration Required.  Walk-Ins Welcome!!! We are celebrating serving the Adult community of San Diego for 2 years now.  Some of the students take public transportation from Oceanside and Carlsbad to attend these classes.  The students love the environment and feel extremely thankful that the Rock Church offer such extraordinary classes free of charge to the community.  We started serving Seniors only and then other age groups wanted to attend.  Therefore, we opened up the doors to everyone.  The children under 12 brought distractions to the group.  This meant, we are limiting the ages to 12 and above with adult supervision.  Yes, we received requests for some physically challenged teenagers to attend these classes. Although, I love children, we take this creative and fellowship time very seriously.  Therefore, the physically challenged teenagers may attend as long as they have adult supervision. Most importantly, watch the masterpieces going out the door with these new artists as they pull from their creatively strength inside of them to create these pieces of art. God is GOOD.  

In 2017, I have traveled to Cuba and studied many of the different types of arts and artists with a caribbean twist.  Also, I as studying portraits and photography art.  This is be better services the students at the Rock and take them to a high plane.  Art expands the mind and enable people to see the beautiful things and people that God put in our world.  

I have traveled to Nice, France in 2016 for the Zonta International Women Empowerment Conference. The organization is over 64 years old.  Zonta is the leading global organization of professionals empowering women worldwide with a mission of service and advocacy.  Their vision is a world which women’s rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential by having access to all resources and are represented in decision making positions on an equal basis with men.  Its member’s work with the United Nations (UN) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNCF) and perform charity work worldwide.

I also got an opportunity to visit the National Marc Chagall Museum, created to bring together in one purpose-built place Marc Chagall most important biblical works.   His printings are from the Old Testament themes, Genesis and Exodus and other religious inspirations.

Leaving Frances and after flying 17 hours in one day, I was very claustrophobic and suffered from jet lag. After a week of prayer my body was adjusting back to normal with the help of vitamin B-12.  Then I got the news about the terror attack in Nice and on the streets that I have walked just one week ago.  I concluded, “God is not finished with me yet”.

Come and explore your creative side and meet wonderful people. We learn from each other.  Art is one of God's creative gifts to US all.


Diana's creations are outstanding. Diana has never painted before. She finds a picture that she like and charges the canvas.  She is unafraid to try to paint it.  Diana has a love for Prince and the color Purple.  Diana's background on her last painting was done in "Purple Rain," a color created by Diana.  What a masterpiece she created!

You can do it also.  Let me show you  how to make your creative side come out. 

Art is fun and I will host the class as long as  we have attendees.  We want 15 people in each class.  Walk-ins are welcome and no  experience necessary.  Please come and  join us!