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MISSION STATEMENT:  To make an impact in the San Diego community by playing baseball in the San Diego Adult Baseball League ( while being upstanding men and great witnesses of Jesus Christ; publicly praying with each other immediately after each game - inviting the other team to join us; and as His Spirit leads, sharing His saving message with those that need it…all while competing at a high level.


  • The team is called “The Rock Church”…or “The Rock” for short.
  • There are Spring, Summer (Tournament) and Fall seasons and we will compete in all three - although during the Fall season we will only field a Saturday team(s).  We are currently finishing up the 14-game SPRING 2012 season.  The next season will be the Summer (Tournament) Season (5 games plus 2 possible playoff games).
  • We have THREE teams.  An 18+ team that play games on Saturdays, a 25+ team that plays on Sunday mornings, and a 35+ team that play on Sunday afternoons.  Game times are 9:30am or 1:30pm.  We play on a number of local high school, college, and other baseball fields throughout San Diego County. The games usually run around 3 hours – unless a team is “mercy-ruled”.
  • Rock Church attendees:  Sunday games will not affect your ability to attend church, as with the 9:30am games you could attend either the 5pm or 7pm services and with the 1:30pm games you would have a choice to attend either the 8am, 10am, or 7pm services. 
  • Being that we are a baseball MINISTRY team, we will have a short 15-20 minute Bible Study before each game.  It will begin ONE HOUR before game time - 8:30am for 9:30am games and 12:30pm for 1:30pm games.  Attendance is MANDATORY and a requirement of being on the team. 
  • Once a season, the ENTIRE team SERVES a needy cause that we – as a team – will PRAY about and then vote on.  Attendance is MANDATORY and a requirement of being on the team.
  • We have a mid-season team BBQ each season!  Attendance is MANDATORY and…you know the restJ
  • We plan to travel out of town each year and take the team (or teams) to national tournaments in Las Vegas (Memorial Day Weekend) and Phoenix (in October), where we could share our Mission Statement intentions with teams from all across the country.
  • TEAM FEES:  The Spring season is 14 games (weather permitting) plus playoffs.  The SDABL registration fee is $1800 per team.  Umpire fees are $80 per team each game and we will need to buy 3 new regulation baseballs per team each game.  Thus, we would be looking at the following costs per player:


    • The ENTIRE 14-game season’s fees (SDABL’s registration fee, ALL umpire fees, costs for baseballs, and a $5 “cushion”*) will only be $258 per player – based on a 12 man team. 

This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE once the season begins.**

    • Baseballs will be purchased in bulk before each season. 
    • Uniforms (a customized black jersey/vest and black baseball cap) will be a ONE TIME ONLY cost of approximately $47 per player.  You can wear your own grey baseball pants to go with the jersey and cap (that you will keep after the season ends).


This illustrates the epitome of what we’re about…


“Let us not ever forget that this team is NOT just a baseball team, but a baseball MINISTRY.  We exist for the sole purpose of being great examples of what God/Jesus has done for us and is doing in us - by simply letting it shine THROUGH us.


Let's play great baseball AND be great men on the field...and off of the field.”


For more information, email [email protected].


*(The $5 cushion or any unused portion of it will either be refunded to each player at the end of the season or used for the Team BBQ)



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** (Your signature above is your acknowledgement and agreement with all of the contents of this Information Handout, including but not limited to the Non-Refundable policy on player fees once the season begins).

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