Who we are, and what we do.

The purpose of the Billiards Ministry is to provide evangelical outreach to an area seldom if ever reached by the church, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and His victory over sin.

 It is my experience that the Gospel is seldom found in this community. A web search for God, Jesus, + pool / billiards returns very few "hits" four actually! Only one involves an active ministry. An individual who tours the circuit doing trick shots while evangelizing. Here they are.,,,

The only time I heard the name Jesus Christ out there is when someone is swearing usually after missing a shot. A quick look at the list of team names reveals the name of the gods of this world.

The next session of the APA is always upon us.  

We are always looking for interested people and leaders to start APA teams. Each team requires 8 people 5 of which will play on any given night. The annual fee of $25.00 is required for APA membership. We are using the APA handicap system which provide an equal playing field and gives all a chance to win against anyone!

Specifically what  we are looking for: 

Individuals who can commit to a few hours a week at local events. 

The same to commit to the full session and playoff schedules if qualified.

A willingness to train in pool and evangelical strategies and skills.

Leaders who are able to recruit, and train others to do the same. 

Time to "Rack Em Up" God's people! We are having a blast out here, but more importantly, we ARE bringing the gospel into a spiritually dark place. We are the only ones casting seeds here. I can hardly wait to see God raise the dead to life.

God Bless you, yours and His


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