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The Rock Business Roundtable (RBR) Ministry provides opportunities for business leaders and aspiring business leaders.

Our purpose is to actively seek and understand how to fulfill God’s unique calling for our lives, so we can walk in faith and make meaningful differences in our business and to those around us.

Each quarter, our ministry hosts a Business Forum which features guest speakers from the Christian business community, as well as an encouraging message and devotional time with one of our own Rock Church pastors. This is a great event to meet other Christian Business Leaders and learn how to integrate our faith-based values and our businesses and positively influence others around us.  We encourage you to join us to learn, network with like-minded business leaders (or aspiring leaders) and be energized. To learn more

We believe that when Business Leaders use biblical principles to guide their business, those businesses will be blessed and prosper. Our objective is to help continuously grow Business Leaders and Aspiring Business Leaders through the various Groups on our different campuses.  In these Groups, members openly discuss business challenges, find mentors, share ideas with their peers, get help, and resolve business decisions with their faith.  To learn more about how to join click on the Group page.  To learn more 

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