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The Rock Business Roundtable Quarterly Event on January 29, 2020, featured Mara Fortin, CEO, KKN Consutling, LLC. What a successful event!

“Creating a Dessert Dynasty by Faithfully Following God’s Calling”

Mara Fortin was told thirteen years ago that she would be out of business within six months! As the first franchise owner of the now popular Nothing Bundt Cakes brand, she took a massive gamble at the age of 34, with two babies, and walked away from a successful law practice. With God's guidance and direction, Mara took bold and decisive action and grew that small business to seven bakeries and over 130 employees, making her the single largest franchisee in the quickly growing business. Mara shared the story of her amazing journey and the learnings she gained along the way that allowed her to excel and grow her business beyond her wildest imagination.

  • Mara described how God worked in her life and altered her thought patterns;
  • Mara shared how her decision making changed as she became "less afraid" of failure and leaned into her greatest business partner;
  • Mara gave simple, practical tips on how 2020 can be your best business year, all while giving glory to God;
  • Finally, she shared ways to be a light and example to those you work with each and every day.

She has since sold her business and is developing the next exciting chapter in her life--with God's guidance.

About Mara Fortin

Mara Fortin is an attorney, small business owner, political advocate, philanthropist, community leader and, most importantly, a mom. She has three children, two teenage daughters, and a 21-month-old son. Mara was the first franchisee ever to open a Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery and grew it to be the largest in the nation, with seven, as the brand grew to over 350 bakeries nationwide. She gave up her practice of law thirteen years ago, moved her family back to her hometown of San Diego when her daughters were two and nine months old and started on her small business venture. Over the years, Mara found a niche by using her legal background and the grit of many years’ experience opening small, but prolific, retail bakeries in the challenging California market, to speak openly and transparently to leaders about the challenges faced on a daily basis. Her authentic style and years in the trenches allow her to connect with a wide array of influencers.

In addition to building a successful business which employed well over 100, mostly women, in the San Diego county market, Mara sat on the boards of several small business advisory councils and has also been very active with the International Franchise Association, which represents thousands of small business owners across the country.

Mara travels to Washington DC regularly to meet with members of Congress and frequently speaks with members of the press and media on small business-related matters. Mara is an entrepreneur and thought leader and enjoys each and every opportunity to speak to and on behalf of the hardworking men, women, and families across the country, especially when speaking about faith and how it has impacted her business success.

Business Leaders met on November 13, 2019, for another inspiring Rock Business Roundtable Quarterly Event featuring Special Warfare Operator Senior Chief (SEAL) Kyle D. Buckett, retired. Record attendance!

"Creating high-performance teams—developing a magnet culture like the Navy SEAL Teams"

The operational and team-building discipline of the United States Navy SEALS is respected and revered around the globe. Building a strong, dedicated, and highly trained team doesn’t happen accidentally. It requires leaders who are willing to create a winning culture through personal preparation and vulnerability. Come prepared to be motivated and learn how to create, through the eyes of a dedicated 20-year Navy Veteran, some of the guiding principles for a strong and reliable culture. 

About Kyle Buckett

Kyle Buckett is a retired Navy SEAL, CEO of KAYGWA Inc. and One More Wave, and founding Partner of Fortis Enterprise Partners.

Kyle joined the United States Navy in 1999 and although most of his career was spent in the Middle East, he has been deployed to over 20 different countries and served with 5 separate SEAL teams. Kyle had the opportunity to be one of the few senior enlisted leaders with Ground Force Commander experience in multiple theatres of armed conflict. His unique leadership style has helped shape high performing teams across a variety of industries.

Kyle has been instrumental in the development of numerous Navy SEAL founded small for-profit and non-profit businesses. For example, during his last deployment in the Navy, one of his fellow teammates was shot numerous times in the leg, unfortunately resulting in a high leg amputation. Kyle knew he had to leverage his “entrepreneurial spirit” to help. Kyle teamed up with One More Wave’s founder Alex West and is now leading the company to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment and helping veterans get back into the water. It is Kyles’s hope to help veterans get back into the water and decrease the veteran suicide rate.

Kyle was recently named one of Starbucks 2017 “UpStanders” for his courage to make a difference.

The SEAL Teams have been his career, his life, and his family. In 2018, Kyle decided he was ready to transition to his next chapter and spend time in the U.S. with his wife and children. It is Kyles’s dream and passion to invest in forward-looking people and technologies.

Local business leaders (and aspiring business leaders) met on August 14, 2019 for the Rock Business Roundtable quarterly event with Jeff Blanton. What a great turnout! 

"Making Work Meaningful-Aligning Purpose and Passion"

Want to drive meaning in your daily work life? When you aligning your God-given strengths, talents, purpose, and passion in your daily work life, you can create a strong sense of accomplishment and impact.   

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to do this.  According to Gallup: “Over 70% of individuals find no meaning at work.”  And the implications of this reality for us personally, for business and as a community are devastating.

As we continue to learn ways to pursue God’s calling so we can walk in faith and influence others, Jeff Blanton, author of Jailbreak Leadership will share his perspective during the Rock’s Business Roundtable breakfast on August 14.

During this interactive talk you will discover:

  • How business lost its meaning
  • The simple formula for finding your personal two-word purpose 
  • How to implement and align purpose, both individually and corporately

Stop striving and start succeeding with the meaning and impact you’ve always desired by freeing your God Given Purpose in the work that you do. 

About Jeff Blanton

Jeff Blanton is an author, speaker and guide for business professionals seeking more meaning from work by applying their personal purpose and passion to what they do and the businesses they lead.  His background includes 20 years serving in senior positions in corporate America - from Fortune 100 companies to a successful NASDQ listed start-up in the medical device industry. He launched his consulting firm in 2001 to specifically help company leaders turn around, and successfully execute, their largest strategic initiatives.

In 2018 he refocused the organization to help business professionals gain the freedom, clarity, and confidence to enjoy and achieve the impact in their careers that they’ve always desired.

Jeff’s purpose in life is “Mobilizing Possibilities.” His book, “Jailbreak Leadership”, provides a proven process for leaders to discover both their Purpose and Calling. When aligned to their natural passion, leaders gain the confidence to fully utilize their unique gifts and apply their own powerful principles to make work meaningful for themselves as well as the businesses and individuals they lead.

Frustrated, both by his own lack of satisfaction and the fact that over 80% of today’s workforce is not fully engaged, Jeff aggressively sought after a solution for making work meaningful. His 35 years of successfully leading large strategic change initiatives, for well-funded start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, became the backdrop for understanding how the Purpose and Calling of the leader is the key for changing how we all see work. 

Jeff is the President of the Blanton Group, an organization dedicated to helping leaders transform Purpose into possibility. He is involved with multiple non-profit boards and has been engaged in all forms of business ministry.  

Jeff’s radio show can be heard on AM 1210, FM 106.5 North County on Sunday afternoons. You can also follow Jeff and his guests on his highly engaging podcast, Jailbreak Leaders.

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